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Meet Sharon Marsh
of Byron, California

Author of
The Rad Lab

ISBN 978-0-615-73577-1

Meet Kathleen R. Harris
of California

Author of
The Red Kitchen

Meet Rainee Grason
of Beavercreek, Ohio

Author of
Facing the Sky
“Experience through a childs eyes;
written from a woman's heart”

ISBN 978-0-9814988-0-5

Meet M. Rose Barkley,
of Seattle, Washington

Author of Wayfaring Stranger

ISBN 0-9666760-7-6

Winner of the
Writer’s Digest Self-Published Author Award
for Poetry (2000)

Meet Wil F. Huston,
of Berkeley, California

Author of
Impeachment Trial Diary

ISBN 0-9673216-0-3

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