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Your link to the editorial department—Our Editor-in-Chief, Roberta Tennant, will respond to suggestions, questions, comments, and requests for information about Writing, Publishing, and the Independent Press. She would like to hear from you, whether you are just thinking about writing a book or have a manuscript in hand.

“I'd enjoy exploring topics of mutual interest, learning from other authors/publishers, and sharing with you the insights, ideas, and information I've gathered in the last nineteen years of Writing and Independent Publishing.”

Free Sample Edit:

If you would like a sample edit and response to your manuscript at no cost or obligation, send 5 double-spaced, numbered pages with 1 inch margins as a Microsoft Word or Rich Text attachment, in Courier 10 point type, to


—Roberta Tennant................

Roberta Tennant, Editor, has edited over a hundred books for Falcon Books Independent Publishing. Her editing is writer-friendly. She strives for correctness in grammar and punctuation, making suggestions that in her opinion will enhance the finished book. At the same time, she respects the integrity of an author's unique style and diction. No changes will ever be made without the express approval of the author.

All editorial comments are made as suggestions, to be implemented at the discretion of the author/publisher. As an author and publisher herself, Roberta has a deep appreciation for the process of creating a book, from writing the manuscript, to editing, to seeing the completed book.

She edits with great care and dedication, because she understands how important it is to feel that the manuscript is as close to perfect as possible, before it is printed. If there is any doubt about a fact or a plot point or a grammatical question, it will be brought to the author's attention.

Roberta has written three novels, six novellas, and a book of poetry, all of which have been produced by Falcon Books and are featured on this web site. She holds a B.A. in English from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master's Degree in English from California State University at Hayward.

See Books by Roberta Tennant

Editing Information and procedures:

In editing manuscripts, we cover such subjects as grammar, typographical errors, punctuation, plot structure, character development, and consistency.

In responding to a manuscript, we focus on strengths, while being careful to identify any issues which might detract from the clarity, impact and communication of ideas in the written words.

We suggest only those changes which are considered truly important, because we respect the integrity of each author's work. We recognize the unique value of each writer's personal vision. Each author has the final say on whether or not to accept editing recommendations.

If you would like a sample edit at no cost or obligation, send 5 double-spaced, numbered pages as a Microsoft Word attachment, in Courier 10 point type, to

If you decide that you wish to utilize our Editing Services, please contact us at 888-922-0789 to obtain an estimate. We will need a page count of the Manuscript in double-spaced, Courier 10 point format to advise you of the costs.

If you would like the additional service of Inputting the Editing suggestions approved by you, please mention this when requesting your Editing estimate. There will be an additional charge for this option.

Once arrangements are made with Falcon Books, you may send your manuscript as a Microsoft Word attachment, in Courier 10 point type, pages numbered and double-spaced, to

Suggestions are indicated in red text on the manuscript. You, the Author, have the option of accepting or declining these suggestions.

The editing of your manuscript will usually be completed within ten business days (two weeks).

While editing and proof-reading are done very carefully at Falcon Books, each Author/Publisher is responsible for reading and certifying the accuracy of the final galley proof.

We also ask that you run your manuscript through the computer spell checker when you are ready to forward the disk for typesetting, because we cannot guarantee to identify all spelling errors. This is done quite quickly and accurately by the computer.

Your Editor will respond to each manuscript with a Literary Review, at no extra charge. This Review may be used in part or in whole in any promotional material, such as the back cover, as a preface, in a web site, in flyers, and in letters to Distributors, Media, and Reviewers.

We hope that this information has been helpful in your decision-making, and we look forward to working with you on your writing and publishing project! We will be available for phone, email or written consultation at no charge before, during and after your book is in print.

2010 Crow Cayon Pace, Suite 100, San Ramon CA 94583

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