Our 36th Year
Our 36th Year


ISBN: 0974752401 | 9780974752402
172 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

A Guide to Records, Rights and Resources for Families of American World War II Casualties–Second Edition–by Ann Bennett Mix—First published in 1996 and representing five years of researching information sources and privileges, Touchstones is a guide to locating records of World War II casualties. Now completely revised and updated it remains an indispensable guide for families or friends who lost a loved one in World War II. Originally written specifically for the sons and daughters of Americans killed or missing, then expanded to include information for all next of kin of American WWII servicemen, the Second Edition not only updates the original material but provides even more resources.

Survivors of persons killed in World War II have certain rights and privileges granted by the U.S. Government, including burial markers, flags, medals and awards, and other provisions. Whether you have a relative who was killed in World War II or not, this book will provide an outstanding array of resources available to help understand the circumstances surrounding a person who died serving our country. The author has spent countless hours doing research about her own father, who was killed in Italy in 1945. Touchstones offers these sources to others who are interested in what records are available today.