Our 41st Year
Our 41st Year

Return to Caffe Cino

Return to the Caffe Cino
ISBN: 0977421406 | 978-0977421404
500 pages
Dimensions: 6.8 x 1 x 9.5 inches

Return to Caffe Cino, a collection of plays and memoirs edited by Steve Susoyev and George Birimisa

“This Ground Zero of the 1960s was a coffee house, a theatre, a brothel, a temple. a flophouse, a dope ring, a launching pad, an insane asylum, a safe house, and a sleeper cell for an unnamed revolution…”

Robert Patrick, author of Kennedy’s Children from his introductory memoir

“The Caffe Cino was one of the first and most important venues in the off-off-Broadway scene, launching the careers of major playwrights, actors, and directors.

Prof. Wendell Stone, author of Caffe Cino: The Birthplace of Off-Off-Broadway from his introductory essay