Our 41st Year
Our 41st Year

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All My Voices By Peter Gorham
Get in the Car, Jane! By: Billy Van Zandt
A Bridge to the Dimension
    of the Sacred Feminine By: David A. Best
The Dream of the Fathers  By: Michael Williamson
Poem of Poems By: Altone P. St. Romaine
Medicine Wheel Stories
Ice Cream Melts By: Nnamdi Osaugwu
Creating Your New Lifestyle By: Hamiltion C. Erridge
Buster’s December Tale... By: JoAnn "Jody" Bunting
Incoming Rounds By: Hamel Morris
Shaded Canvas By: Isis I.
Love is the Strongest Force By: Daniel D. Thomas
City of Refuge By: Valerie Farber

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Sledding with Ernest Hemmingway By: Peter J. Gorham

The Bear Book By: Julie Lange

Thundergods’ Gold & House of the Fire Demon
      By:  William Edwards

An Event in the Fourth Dimension By: Louis Guise

My Life: Refugee to Teacher & Scientist By: N. W. Tietz

Veterans in the Mist By: Jerry Whiting

Teaching Algebra to Chickens By: Don Peckham

Roots & Tendrils By: Berkeley Writers’ Workshop

Halloween in Oz–Dorothy Returns By: Moser | Nelson

This is the Captain Speaking By: Thomas James Tucker

I Am Change By: David A. Best

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Good-bye Mount Diablo By: Frank Bette
Hazard of the Die By: Grace Wilson
Walk with Me through the Internet By: Andrew Gold
How to Avoid the Divorce from Hell...  By: M. Sue Talia
Joe and Jude By: Joe Weiser
Am I Really A Manager? By: Mallory Morrison
Along the Way, A Spiritual Journey By: Ida Mae Kempel
Return to Caffe Cino By: Steve Susoyev | George Birimis
Is Life a Dream? By: Zia Oboodiyat
Only in America...  By: John Mirassou

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The Road to NAUM By: Pastor Mike Moberg
Neither Snow Nor Rain… By: Hamel Morris
In Mt. Diablo’s Shadow – Volume 4 By: Kati Short
In Mt. Diablo’s Shadow – Volume 2 By: Kati Short
In Mt. Diablo’s Shadow – Volume 1 By: Kati Short
Soleirolia soleirolii By: Bridget T. Guzzi
A Food Secret Just For You By: Bridget T. Guzzi
Our First Garden By: Bridget T. Guzzi
I’m Off to War, Mother... By: Jerry Whiting 
Occupation Europe By: 
Lou Satz

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Rats: Legally Blind Mice By: Erlinda Dominguez
Pro Se–On My Own By: Erlinda Dominguez
The Native Missionary Movement ByRyan Chappetelear
The Along the Corridors By: Mary Ellen Baker
Mother, I Come By: MaudeEna Headlam
Tools of the Writer’s Craft By: Sands Hall
Unbundling Your Divorce By: M. Sue Talia
Baby Noodles–a Liver Transplant Recipient By: K. Banks
Diaries of Black Men By: Tony Brooks
Stone Soup By: Chernow |Mark Rubinstein

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Picking Up the Pieces Broken Heart By: Rev. Dale Roberts
The Black Rose Murder By: Clay Anderson
The Rhythm of My Pen By: Marie McDowell
The Gospels & The Gita By: Morten Wellhaven
gidi gidi boom boom By: S/Sgt Robert H. Johnson
No  Eraser Needed By: R. L. Buckley | C.L. Buckley
Dragon Grip By: Kathy Sheller McCann
Cuba Information Manual:... By: Mike Bellows
Who Will Teach the Wisdom... By: Timothy G. Bax
Three Sips of Gin, African Adventure
Timothy G. Bax

Page 7

Cemetery Beneath the Golden Dome By: Jim/Jane Gillis
Provenance Gallery of the Year 1794... By: Jon Alan Boka
IRAN–A Nation Under Siege By: M. Blake
Your Eyes! Your Eyesight ...By: Frank H. Collings
Customer Magic By: Jamie T. Buckley
My Invisible Kingdom—Letters .... By: Scott Fried
Darkness Plays Favorites By: Casey Renee Kiser
Spit Me Out By: Casey Renee Kiser
Swan Wreck By: Casey Renee Kiser
I Liked You When I Thought I Was Dead By: Casey Kiser

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Gutter Kisses and a Hug on Garbage Day By: Casey  Kiser
El Camino Más Fácil By: Mabel Katz
From the Soul of a Woman... By: Valorie N. Parker
Sex, Guns, and a Barber
African American Heritage ... By: Glenda Jenkins Simmons
Divorce: A Survival Guide By: Dianne Rochelle Ophelia Esq.
Temp Words By: Alison Hart
No Guns, No Knives, No Personal Checks By: Larry Sager
The Rad Lab By: Sharon Marsh
Twice Upon a Court By: Erlinda Dominguez

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The Healing Room By: Dori Bohntinsky
Lewis and Clark in ... Idaho By: Richard R. Smith
The Face of Pain By: Vivian Wilson
Touchstones By: Ann Bennett Mix
Smiling ’Til I Break By: Mo Abersheid
DoubleFace By: D.L. Penney
Top 25 Secrets of Golf By: Mike McColgan
J.B.’s Christmas Presents By: Evelyn Turman
Apple Pie and Bubble Gum Sky By: Gailor L. Schmidt
A Life in the LowCountry:... By: Deonne Parker

Page 10

American Cattleyas–...Hybridizing By: Courtney T. Hackney
Malta’s Towns and Villages By: Alfie Guillaumier
Walk With Me By: Chris Jorgenson
When Somebody Loves You Back By: Patriece
He Looked Like a Man Until He Barked By: Patriece
The Israeli Invasion of Beirut By: Samar Geankoplis
In Mt. Diablo’s Shadow, Volume 6 By: Kati Short
The Charter School Movement By: Alfred J. Lodovico
Thoughts from Heaven By: Ethel Beardsworth
Johnny Ringo–Unknown Destiny By: Jason McCord

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The Living Foods LifestyleBy: Brenda Cobb
Night of the Witches, The Bocor By: Don Festge
Night of the Witches... By: Don Festge
Spider Lies By: Susan Astor
Engraved in Stone By: Alice Scovell Coleman
When Children Go to Heaven By: Mayra Cruz
In the Name of a Living God By: P.L. Murphy | S.L. Ackley
Just Rambling  By: Foster Wood | Beverley Wood
Walking 18 Holes With Tiger By: MJ and ML Mc Colgan
A Store to Remember By: James Thomas Mullane

Page 12

Rebuttal to the Rogue By: Malia Litman
Plays Well With Others By: Louis K. Satz
Kea the Reading Dog By: Jane Feldman Nieves
Pearl By: Lawrence E. Allen
Bizarre Journeys By: Sylvi Milne
How Teddy Bears Came About By: Jeanne Wood
Emily’s Story By: Jeanne Wood
The Missing Note By: Jeanne Wood
Drawn by Force and Other Stories By: Jeanne Wood
Understanding Grief, A Guide... By: Howard Lunche

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Yesterday is Gone, ... By: Donald Schneider
The CEO’s Playbook By: Ron Rhody
Whatever Happened to Professor Coyote? By: Bill Rathbun
Fight or Flight... By: Zoe Ann Caires
The Lazarus Projec By: Dr. Mike Simpson
Desert Angels By: Cynthia Lane Westland
Healthspan By: O. Jack Woodard, Jr., M.D.
A Fadeaway Dream By: Heide Marie Velarde
The Black Words of Green Eyes By: Mia Lynn Neat
On Antarctica By: Len Airey | John Elliot

Page 14

Rainbow of Hope By: Dr. A.J. Kuzhikkannamthadathil
Touching the Heart of Japan By: Eddie Rouge
Certainties–Poems  By: Robert Weston
Dear Folks: A Father’s Journey By: Howard Spinner
Sierra–Always and Forever By: L.J. Turner
Spring Canyon By: Jennie Tennant
Two Brothers... By: Mary Shuler Heimburger
African American Lovers By: L. Patrick, Sr.
Most Like An Arch By: David Keyes
Impeachment Trial Diary By: Wil F. Huston

Page 15

Labial Instability... By: Richard Edward McDorman, Jr.
There is a God in You By: Parag Karkhanis | Diane Karkhanis
Politics, Population, Prison, Plantations
M. Avery Johnson
Carry Me Back... By: Susie Nickens Ludlow
In Search of Health & Happiness
Gandi R. Rajender, Ph.D
The Spirit of Prayer By: James W. Tharp
Balance on the Ball By: Elisabeth Crawford
Unicorn Blues By: R. L. Michalak
The Absolute Enormous Unity  By: Reinarto Hadriprono
Love to Bake Pastry Cookbook  By: Ernest Weil

Page 16

Insights From Growing Old By: Peter J. Gorham
It’s All About Smiles
Adrian D Fenderson, DDS
Carolina Moon By Caroline Sanchez
Tell Me a Story, Grandpa By Evan Sanchez


Page 17

Sphinx By: Robyn Berkeley
Song for Walking By: Roberta Debono
Home Craft Faires By: Barbara Bradley
The Third Theory By: Burt Wilson
Yo! Joey! By: Joseph P. Batory
The Miracle of EDSABy: Wm Edwards
Faithful to His Call By: Terry Marr
Knowing God... By: Jeff Shreve
Gold Rush 2000 By: Ed Mitchell
Halfway to the Moon By: Llyla Allen

    Page 18

Red Clay Tastes Like Chalk By: Llyla Allen
Know Woman Know Peace By: Zibae "mir" Vahid, Ph.D
Don’t Build Me a Clock, ... By: Saied Djavadi
Twin Vendetta By: William Newton Edwards
The Pocket Anger Manager By: Gerald B. Chambers
Treasures Within By: Zia Oboodiyat
Be Still ~ Bear Fruit:  By: Andrews Amritharaj, Ph.D.
From A Spiritual Perspective By: A. Amritharaj, Ph.D.
Facing the Sky By: Rainee Grason
Sumbrungu — Survival... By: Ayinibisah Ayelah

Page 19

Their Brother John and Other Stories By: Jennie Tennant
Under the Bed in San Berdoo By: Jennie Tennant
Hopscotch Days By: Beverley Wood
Stopped by Time  By: Don Festge
Honoring the Power ...  By: Zibae | Akhlaghi
Politics, Money & Shtick By: Jack Heselov
The San Francisco Address Book... By: John K. Briscoe
Never Giving Up On Love By: Lisa
The Only Way to Get There By: Sid Wallace
For the Love of Animals By: Franklin T. Julian

Page 20

Competitive Manufacturing Environment  By: R.L. Buckley
Myself Resolved: An Artist Confronts Cancer
Darcy Lynn

Rotor,..Destructive Forces By: Arthur Perkins
Yosemite Bears  By: Beverly Black Kauffman
Fugitive Tells All  By: Jean Butler
One Woman, Two Countries...By: E. Settembrini Lisi
Angels In Our Midst  By: Ruth J. Moro
What Was In Jeremy’s Egg? ...By: Ida Mae Kempel
No More Whiskers in the Sink By: Colleen Henry | Sue Zeno
Wayfaring Stranger – Poems  By: M. Rose Barkley

Page 21

Everything Men Really Know About Women
         By: Ken Debono
Angel Mommy By: Linda Krikorian
Bhagavad Gita–A Mystic Scripture By: Morten Wellhaven
Having a Home Built?... By: James M. Thomas
Conquering the Food Chain..By: Stacy Mantle
Good Morning Sun By: Jenny Kochersperger
Around the Majors in 60 Days By: Ray Bergman
People Farm By: Steve Susoyev
Can You Show Me? By: Susan Stempson | Zenobia Husser
Quest for Younger Love By: Kenneth W. Schuster