Our 36th Year
Our 36th Year

Editorial Department

With regret, I am announcing my retirement from the position of Editor-in-Chief at Falcon Books Independent Publishing Services after thirty-five years. 
It has been a great pleasure and honor to be part of helping to create Books-in-Print with so many wonderful Authors. I wish all Writers well in current and future publishing projects.
Falcon Books will no longer be offering Editing Services. Lists of Editors can be found online or in books and magazines related to writing and publishing. 



Roberta Tennant, Editor, has edited over one hundred-fifty books for Falcon Books Independent Publishing. Her editing is writer-friendly. She strives for correctness in grammar and punctuation, making suggestions that in her opinion will enhance the finished book. At the same time, she respects the integrity of an author's unique style and diction. No changes will ever be made without the express approval of the author.

All editorial comments are made as suggestions, to be implemented at the discretion of the author/publisher. As an author and publisher herself, Roberta has a deep appreciation for the process of creating a book, from writing the manuscript, to editing, to seeing the completed book.

She edits with great care and dedication, because she understands how important it is to feel that the manuscript is as close to perfect as possible, before it is printed. If there is any doubt about a fact or a plot point or a grammatical question, it will be brought to the author's attention.

Roberta has written three novels, six novellas, and a book of poetry, all of which have been produced by Falcon Books and are featured on this website. (See Books by Roberta Tennant)  She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master's Degree in English from California State University, East Bay.