Our 35th Year
Our 35th Year


Now is Forever—INDOCHINA

ISBN: 978-0-9998066-9

Available in paperback and hardbound.

Now Is Forever Indochina is the start of an adventure that weaves its way through some of Asia’s most intriguing countries. After Indochina, Hong Kong, Japan, and the beautiful Ryukyu Islands await you. Don’t delay take the first step and climb aboard for the journey to Indochina. You will experience firsthand the drama and emotion that drive the characters into danger and each other’s arms.

Now Is Forever Indochina

World War II has just ended. From the chaos and tragedy enveloping mankind, a collective sigh amid renewed hope signals the way forward. Recovery begins, except in Indochina, where war rages on. World domination is no longer the issue. Instead the political spectrum narrows: the adversaries are a rebellious indigenous population and an old colonial power bent on regaining lost empire. A story as old as man. But now, in 1947, it is a modern day drama played out in the jungles of the fledgling country of Vietnam, pitting the rebel forces of newly declared President Ho Che Minh against the country of France, which has held dominion over these lands and people since 1880.

The defeat of the Japanese left a power vacuum that Ho rushed to fill with his Viet Minh fighters, who far outnumbered the remnants of French colonialism. A disillusioned, but experienced, young American Marine injects himself into this volatile mix of war and emotions by joining the French Foreign Legion in Saigon. His elevation through the ranks enmeshes him in battle, while the extremes of war launch him into a search for meaning, love and an unknown destiny.

So begins a journey that in four novels will take you to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan and finally the Ryukyu Islands as life evolves and destiny is fulfilled.

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The Dream of the Fathers

ISBN: 0977872904 | 978-0977872909

A Novel of Political Science Fiction America in 2178 is just two years away from the country’s eighty-fourth presidential election. America will never be the same. Decades of change have led the American majority to a date with destiny and one man has been propelled to the forefront of American politics. That man, the one man who will deliver the American dream to the disenfranchised majority, is Senator Steven Hidalgo. But the opposition forces are powerful and practicality has caused them to jettison the cumbersome concepts of ethics and morality for the explicit rewards of success. Their only reality is control and their only chance at continuing that reality is bound within the next presidential election. Welcome to politics in the twenty-second century, where loyalty and trust are heirlooms to a political landscape that takes no prisoners. But woven like a powerful incantation into the social fabric of the oppressed majority is a two-hundred-year-old love story that offers a last glimmer of hope.

Poem of Poems

ISBN: 978-0-9815337-0-4

There had been times during the earlier years of my enslavement when I literally felt as though the suffocating atmosphere of prison life would smother me to death….Lying in the soul breaker, feeling as if God had forsaken the good of me, the part of me that wanted to do right and live just…Therein the darkness of my grief, visions of things that had life would pull me away just like that! Something as trivial as visualizing a beautiful flower swaying in a summer breeze could hold me prisoner within my mind for hours at a time. Could this act of captivation be the powers of a muse at work?

—From the Introduction


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Medicine Wheel Stories

ISBN: 1604025204 | 9781604025200

As a Native American “free thinker” in the year 2001, this book is my own interpretation of the Medicine Wheel and its use of symbolism. Symbols access the imaginary realm of our subconscious minds. They help us connect spiritually to the mystery, the center, the 5th part of our four section circle.

My own experience of the thought process of Native Americans, generally speaking, has often been to note a natural tendency toward artistic and spiritual right brain function.

There are some Native Americans on reservations today whose families have maintained in the traditional culture, and I want to give due recognition to these ones. But, many Native Americans today on reservations, and in urban areas alike, are out of touch with traditional values.

Because there has been a lack of knowledge and of experience in age-old customs and ceremonies, one may think the old values, the old ways are being lost. I have found that the opposite is true. The values are still strong for anyone ready to receive them into their life.

According to my experience as an urban Indian, this is my own interpretation of some underlying values and contributions of my Native American heritage.

Ice Cream Melts

ISBN: 978-0-9798855-0-1

“Osuagwu’s poetic style takes the reader through cerebral twist and turns that question or responds to decisions of human life”

— Sandra Andino, Ph.D. Cultural Anthrapologist

“Ice Cream Melts is a fusion of raw experiences seasoned with the spices of inner truth and a twist of reality served on a sweet and sour dish of life!”

— Ona Brown Results Coach, Consultant/Author

“Ice Cream Melts is a mirror in the face of society. What it reflects is our innermost ambitions, vulnerabilities, imperfections, and reflections.”

—D. Shanks, Musician and Staff Writer, HHNLive.com

Creating Your New Lifestyle

ISBN: 0979345502 | 9780979345500

“Too many medical professionals still don’t understand that losing weight and keeping it off has less to do with the food we eat, and more to do with reasons behind the eating and the need to change behaviors. As a result, I wrote this book to allow anyone on any diet the opportunity to gain control, identify and understand their own issues, create new skills and behaviors, and learn to keep the weight off for the rest of their life.

I have no doubt this book will bring you inspiration, laughter, and the thoughts and knowledge to truly create a new and healthy lifestyle.

Buster's December Tale

Buster’s December Tale (as told by Buster)

ISBN: 0970054947 | 978-0970054944


This is the perfect pre-December book for pet lovers or that special young person in your life. From beginning to end, Buster is sure to tug at your heart and delight readers young and old. The story includes a special visit from a plump fellow wearing black boots and a red suit.

Includes reader’s Diary and December Calendar–also available in Braille.

Incoming Rounds

ISBN: 0977401308 | 9780977401307

Incoming Rounds by Hamel Morris is a minimalistic but powerful record of one young man’s experience in the Hell of Viet Nam. For any reader who has never been in combat, this account is shocking, poignant, and enlightening.

The juxtaposition of the ordinary—receiving mail, getting food rations after two days, being able to bathe in a river after days of sweating on the trails of the jungle—with the deeply horrific is like a jolt of lightning to any complacency.

Within one day’s entry, the writer may describe anything from building a “hooch” out of his poncho to keep out the monsoon rains, to the brutal interrogation of a VC member by a Lieutenant, from a sandbag-making detail to the massacre of villagers in retribution for a mortar attack, atrocities he despises but is powerless to prevent….

Shaded Canvas

ISBN: 1434344517 | 978-1434344519

Though Shaded Canvas is fiction, throughout the novel Isis I wields bold brushstrokes of advocacy for awareness and needed social change.

Isis I lives part of the year in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area and the other part of the year in Atlanta, Georgia. A passionate traveler, Isis I has spent the last two decades in an all-embracing, cultural adventure throughout Africa. She was in Johannesburg during the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s inauguration and then continued her trek north to Egypt. There she visited the Great Pyramids of Giza as well as the museums in Luxor, home of the Royal Mummies. Isis I attended the opening ceremony of The Great Man Made River in Libya. She also has added the continents of South America, Europe and Asia to her extensive travel portfolio. Though Isis I has experienced such international charm and beauty, she nevertheless sings praises that there is no place more wonderful than the United States of America.

Love is the Strongest Force

Love is the Strongest Force

ISBN: 0976160412 | 978-0976160410

Daniel D. Thomas is what some may call the new age Renaissance man. He found his talent of writing at a young age and has mixed his passion for it with an adventurous life, traveling the world and dabbling in many things; including athletics, real-estate, music, art, business, and of course writing. Daniel has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Philosophy from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, but has studied in numerous places including Paris, Rome, Greece, and the Caribbean. Daniel’s Theory is that “Love is the strongest force, and through it we find purpose.” The young author goes by his own personal saying “Live for the beauty in life, work for the better of the world”. Another title written by Daniel D. Thomas is his first book Prophecies of Life which takes us through the prophecies of an adolescent.