Our 41st Year
Our 41st Year

Self-Publishing Information

Gini, Receptionist On-site Customer Services

While your book is being prepared for printing, you can go a step further, and start your own Independent Publishing Company. At Falcon Books, we have helped many authors go through the exciting and rewarding process of choosing a company name, creating a logo, and becoming a publisher as well as a writer.

Being an independent publisher has many advantages. Your imprint will appear on all of your books, giving a professional presence to your work. When communicating with reviewers, booksellers, and distributors, you will be writing as a member of the Small Press community, a well-respected part of the world of books. If you choose this option, the following is a brief outline of the steps which you would take to make your company a reality. We will help to make the process a smooth and cost-effective one.

Some of the Steps necessary to Create your Independent Publishing Company

  • Obtain forms needed to establish fictitious business name (usually at County Clerk's office)
  • When business name is obtained, open business checking account
  • Find out if your town ordinances require a business license
  • Contact government offices regarding sales tax and resale number (for selling books/collecting & paying sales tax)
Vesta, Client Service Specialist

Some of the Steps necessary to Prepare Your Book for Publication

  • Request ISBN information from Bowker
  • Secure copyright information from U.S. Copyright Office
  • Secure Cataloging in Publication information from Library of Congress
  • Secure barcode film master using ISBN
  • Edit material meticulously for grammar, typographical errors, content, etc. (consider hiring a professional editor and recruiting friends or colleagues to edit and proofread)
  • Research copyrights on material you are utilizing and secure permission to quote from any copyrighted material (this is usually done by writing to the publisher)


Moving towards completion of your book

  • Decide on title of book
  • Decide on general style of book: size, shape, type of cover, size of type, approximate number of pages, etc. (finding a sample book of a style you like would be helpful)
  • Consult with Falcon Books to develop design of your book and choose fonts, style, format, etc.
  • Decide on cover, front, back and spine, and obtain artwork as needed
  • Proofread the galley proofs
  • Make corrections and return. [There is no charge for corrections of errors introduced by the typesetter, but any revisions (additions and deletions, major or minor changes) are subject to additional charge.]
  • Before going to print, a camera-ready master is created: typeset, paste-ups, cover art and photo preparation are completed
  • Print and bind book
  • Have a marketing strategy in place so that when your book is in print you are prepared to promote and distribute book. This is a vast and complex area, and each book and author have special needs. Some ways of marketing a book include reviews, book readings, receptions, direct mail, contact with distributors, organizations and special interest groups, advertising in publications, press releases and interviews in newspapers, magazines, tv and radio, etc.

Falcon Books specializes in guiding authors through all of these steps to self-publishing. After producing hundreds of titles in the Small Press field, we have the experience and resources to help you make your book a reality.