Our 41st Year
Our 41st Year


Assistance with marketing and promoting your new book is available from Falcon Books' Editorial and Writing Department.

We will custom-craft press releases to announce the debut of your book, as well as cover letters to distributors, book reviewers, radio, tv, newspapers, and magazines.

We can also help with display ad, brochure and flyer text, and other promotional material. We can provide the written copy as well as graphics to give your book an attention-getting Internet presence, either on our website or on your own custom-designed home page.

Design and typesetting of stationery and business cards are available to give your book an attractive and professional introduction to booksellers, the media, and the public.


Press release, suitable for newspaper, magazine, TV and radio distribution:

  • An effective Press Release can generate interviews, feature stories, and talk show appearances
  • The Press Release is designed to present your book as an item of interest to the community.

Cover letter for contacting various media:

  • The cover letter can be utilized to contact book reviewers, newspaper and magazine editors, and talk show hosts.
  • The cover letter will focus on your book's unique qualities. It will also showcase the author as a potential interviewee, talk show guest, or subject for a feature article.
  • Your book is a valuable asset to those who are searching for material of interest to their audiences; this service presents your book in that light.

Back cover text:

  • Back Cover is an important tool for sales at bookstores.
  • Text is coordinated with color, photo, and typesetting to create an eye-catching whole which will draw the reader's interest.
  • Author's information and photo are important to provide the human element, allowing the reader to identify with the author.
  • The essence of the Book's message is expressed in the written material.
  • After the front cover, the back cover is the most vital ingredient for attracting readers in the store setting.

Display ad and flyer text:

  • Falcon Books graphic arts services are available to design and typeset these items at additional cost.
  • Display ads and flyers are useful, economical ways in which to share the arrival of your book with the public.
  • This material may be used for brochures, postcard mailers, and bookstore posters as

Web Site Design, Startup, and Maintenance

  • Many authors/independent publishers have Web sites for their publishing business.
  • A Web site is a powerful and effective way to reach out to readers and potential readers, both globally and locally.
  • Falcon Books can design, set up, and maintain your publishing company's web site.

Placement of Book on Internet

  • Books may be placed on our Web Site, free of charge.
  • Falcon Books website receives hundreds of "hits."
  • Your book may also be sold directly from the site. FB site is directly linked to Amazon.com booksellers and/or, if you prefer, to your own website.

All written material is guaranteed to be tailored to your satisfaction. There is no charge for re-writing or editing of this material to meet this guarantee.

When you respond, we will send you an estimate for any of the above services.
E-mail us! or use our Request for Quotation Form