Our 41st Year
Our 41st Year


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How We Help To Make Your Book A Reality

You send us your completed manuscript: poetry, fiction, children's, family history, short stories, how-to, autobiography, or any other genre of writing.

You choose which of Falcon Books' services you want and need:

  • Word Processing to place manuscript in digital format.
  • Editing. Professional editor is available.
  • Cover Design. We can use your artwork or photograph or provide it for you if you wish.
  • Typesetting. We will work with you to decide book design, including type size, font, and size of book.
  • Proofreading. We will proofread your book after typesetting, and you will do the final proofread to make sure it is completely correct.
  • Paperwork. We will create copyright page, barcode, ISBN (The number used by bookstores for ordering your book).
  • Quality Printing. Sheetfed, Web Offset, Direct Image, Hard and soft cover, Perfect, case or mechanical binding. A member of the Publishers' Consortium.
  • Publishing Business. If you wish to establish your own independent publishing company, we will help you with any or all of these activities: choosing a business name, developing a logo, obtaining a resale license, and any other matters involved.

Promotional services include:

  • Display Ads: designed for newspapers, magazines, and flyers.
  • Marketing Materials: logo, letterhead, business cards, brochures, and flyers, as well as posters and invitations for book signings and receptions.
  • Back Cover Copy: designed to further interest the reader.
  • Internet Coverage: offered through our website.
  • Free phone and online Consultation: ideas to help spread the word about your new book.

We provide our clients with all the services needed to produce a quality finished product, one of which we can all be proud!