Our 41st Year
Our 41st Year

Temp Words

ISBN: 1492399450 | 9781492399452
102 pages
Dimensions: 6x9

I started writing this book in 1996 when I was working as a temp in San Francisco, mostly as a receptionist. I was grieving the loss of my brother and took whatever opportunity possible to write underneath the fluorescent lights. My brother’s death rocked my paradigm and forced me to face the impermanence of our lives. Thoughts, feelings, experiences, people, faith, relationships, politics, identity, things (except maybe plastic bags) change; nothing is static. temp words is a journey through impermanence from my perspective as a mixed race woman of color in America. This is my edge, this is how I navigate through life: one moment at a time.

Twenty percent of the proceeds from temp words go to MISSSEY, a community-based organization in Oakland, California, whose goal is to eradicate the commercial sexual exploitation of our children.

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