Our 41st Year
Our 41st Year

The Healing Room

ISBN: 0971945705 | 978-0971945708
224 pages
Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 8

With each day that passes, every hour, every moment, loss threatens our sense of security and immortality. Dori Bohntinsky, a Speech/Language Pathologist seasoned with health care experience, shares her recovery from the tragedy of loss when her fourteen-year old daughter, Cj, suddenly developed a rare form of leukemia. The Healing Room is an odyssey in discovering joy and inspiration during an eighteen-month journey through loss-the four-month illness and death of Cj, the death of Dori’s mother, and the death of Dori’s father.

“I admire your compassion, wisdom and humor, especially your ability to express your feelings and thoughts in such a clear and insightful way…. I wish you the strength, wisdom and love to be able to get through this part of your life. I hope that you can share your wisdom with others since you are such great teachers.”

Children’s Hospital Physician

It is my hope that by writing The Healing Room and sharing our losses and the way I discovered to journal, that others will discover their own ability to journal. I hope others will no longer fear touching their pain, sorrow and grief caused by any loss. I encourage all, regardless of the loss, to discover their own profound and compelling insights and experience the joy that follows when they enter the Healing Room