Our 41st Year
Our 41st Year

Unicorn Blues

ISBN: 0971409900 | 978-0971409903
305 pages
Dimensions: 8-1/2 x 11

Fantasy as foretold in the Legend’s End, it is said that in the most painful turns, unicorns will once again roam the lands. Galloping in flames before the great divergence, they light a path beyond legends where all things are new.

Hail and well met! Well met indeed, for it has been some thirty revolutions since the playing out of the last of the last legends, and only now are you hearing from me in this history of those times. My apologies for the delay and this hasty note. I found many reasons over the last revs to avoid reliving those turns and even now, only the press of events has forced me to send this manuscript out before it is truly ready, but so be it. I must let it go. I trust that these words have reached your hands with the message that it is not too late for it is my charge to continue the chronicles known in the libraries of the old as The Tome of Hope, though not even the wise foresaw the need of this continuance. Surely, they presumed, the turning would occur before the legends failed. The hope would be realized, and thus the Tome needed no more. You need only listen to your heart to know such was not the case. But I get ahead of myself for such makes up the history contained in Unicorn Blues.

This text is woven with the magic of unicorn stories, and thus the fact that these words are before your eyes, announces that you are at the first gate of magic and the unicorn fields of old are before you.

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