Our 36th Year
Our 36th Year


A Fadeaway Dream

ISBN: 0967454301 | 9780967454306



Be an ace.
Solve this case.
Find the school place
For the clues to trace.

The clues lead to a crook
The U.C. Police did overlook.
Take a look.
Buy this book.

The Black Words of Green Eyes

The Black Words of Green Eyes

ISBN: 0970353804 | 978-0970353801

The Black Words of Green Eyes by Mia Lynn Neat is her fulfilled lifelong dream which encompasses experiences and events that have influenced her life. Each poem possesses some form of growth that Neat has gone through and best tells the story of her life and perceptions of it. She emphasizes the fact that her poetry is meant to relate to others and act as an aid in the lives of others hoping to be positively influenced.

Mia Lynn Neat attended the University of California at Berkeley where she received her Bachelors of Art in Psychology and Social Welfare. She is well known for her dreamy perception of life and emotional expression through her poetry. With each poem, Mia Lynn Neat is establishing herself as a new and exciting talent in the world’s pool of distinguished poets.

On Antarctica

On Antarctica

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ISBN: 0970869908 | 978-0970869906

On Antarctica is filled with anecdotes of humour, tragedy, fire, war, wildlife, tourism, mountaineering, celebration, base-life, yachting, travel, science, sex and even spies! The book is an extraordinary, but true, account of life on remote Antarctic bases where the people live with few companions—no neighbours, no shops, no help, no hospitals and no way out. Read how Antarctica was affected by the Falkland Island War with new, original material never before released. Read about the Petermann tragedy and the desperation of isolation in Antarctica. Read what they do in Antarctica to survive those winter nights and celebrate those special occasions. Read about life on Antarctica. It’s an unusual book, outstandingly written with scores of illustrations and photographs.

Foreword by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Baronet Fiennes served in the British Special Air Service (SAS) prior to becoming the “world’s greatest living explorer” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Among his most notable achievements are the first pole-to-pole circumnavigation and the first crossing of the Antarctic Continent, unsupported and on foot. He is also an accomplished author.

Rainbow of Hope

Rainbow of Hope

ISBN: 097161010X | 978-0971610101

All people experience pain and suffering, illness and death, depression and anxiety, fear and worry, hunger and thirst, failures and successes, and love and happiness. Why don’t human beings work together to alleviate the sufferings and pain of each other rather than fight and kill one another? In addressing this issue, the author has looked at India as an example. India is a microcosm of the world with its multiple languages, races, colors and caste system. Why hasn’t a country like India progressed as a developed nation with its vast resources, including the human resource? There are no easy answers to this question. The author explores some facets of Indian life and looks at alternative approaches.

The book attempts to challenge people to grow and develop. It is an invitation to objectivity and verifiable truths that are accessible to all, easy to understand and put into practice. To that end, The Rainbow of Hope opens up a huge reservoir for action. Ultimately, it is action that will transport the nation of India into a just, progressive and developed society in the 21st century where all citizens can live up to their potential without discrimination.

Touching the Heart of Japan

Touching the Heart of Japan

ISBN: 0971856001 | 978-0971856004

So few countries are like Japan. It is a place where everyone is good at their jobs and where crime is low. It is a place where ancient traditions blend with modern technology and modern lifestyles. Japan continually adapts to the changing of the times but her heart still retains her unique identity. There is a cultural universe inside every Japanese individual that is both logical and mysterious. Imagine a place where communication revolves around silence and ambiguity and you begin to understand something of the Japanese heart.

This book explores those areas as well as what common everyday life is like. It presents insights into history, culture, and current trends, as well as personal experiences by the author. A concise analysis of lifestyles is portrayed of the children, adults and senior citizens. Touching the Heart of Japan presents all these things and more.

Certainties–Poems by Robert Weston

ISBN: 0-9727110-0-7

“…I have called this collection Certainties and on the first page I quote Werner Heisenberg’s attempt to articulate the fundamental paradox of quantum ‘uncertainty’: that knowledge of location (position) and momentum (direction) are mutually exclusive at least at the quantum level.

I have appropriated this concept to my own experience: If I know where I am, I can never be certain where I am going. And the corollary: If I know where I am going, I cannot be certain where I am. My poems are exceptions. They are certainties because they are ‘fixed’ moments of experience or reflection, identified in words that provide both locale and direction, at least in hindsight.”

—From the Preface of Certainties

Dear Folks: A Father's Journey

Dear Folks: A Father’s Journey

ISBN: 0972974903 | 978-0972974905

Dear Folks: A Father’s Journey, contains the most heartfelt, intimate, and bravest e-mails to be shared as one father walked this journey with his son, Kevin, who was diagonosed with a rare form of Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Along with these emails that Howard Spinner wrote to family and friends to update them on Kevin’s progress, the book contains photographs of Kevin throughout his life, art that he drew and literature that he wrote.

This book was created as a memorial to Kevin Spinner’s life, as a means of educating the public about Ewing’s Sarcoma and also a way of garnering donations for research into this devastating disease.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to UCSF research into the treatment and cure for Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Sierra: Always and Forever

Sierra–Always and Forever

ISBN: 0975918702 | 978-0975918708

Evolution and growth are different for each of us; destiny having a way of forging its own path. The future lies in the ashes of the past and is brought about by actions taken in the present. One can never be sure where past, present and future connect, but they do connect; making Life the greatest of all adventures.

With the answering of the telephone, the years and worlds separating Julian Holliday and Sierra Wolfe are merged into a reality masked in deceit, lies and the fog of illusion. If Julian and Sierra are to be together, obstacles must be overcome; agendas must be realized, confronted and dealt with and the power of love must be believed and embraced.

Spring Canyon

Spring Canyon

ISBN: 0961390123 | 978-0961390129

The author was born in Laramie, Wyoming, one of seven children. Her parents had emigrated from Norway in 1905. This book is the story of her childhood in a small farming community, a story filled with vivid portraits of colorful characters—both human and animal. Spring Canyon is a warm tale of a time of rich harvests and cruel reapings, of plenty and of want, and of many dear lives remembered and immortalized in this book.

Note: Spring Canyon, in both original manuscript and printed book form, is in the Jennie Williams Tennant Collection at the American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming, Laramie WY.

Two Brothers: Paths West and East

Two Brothers Paths West and East

ISBN: 0961390131 | 978-0961390136

Two Brothers Paths West and East by Mary Shuler Heimburger is currently featured at the Oakland Museum Bookstore, during the California Gold Rush Exhibition, and at the.Alameda Historical Museum.

“Let’s take a look at a box of Gold Rush letters in Grandma’s attic…your grandfather was a Forty Niner.” With these words, Mary Heimburger’s father Frank Shuler introduced her to a legacy of family history, which was to lead to the bookTwo Brothers–Paths West and East. The Author’s historical research and the letters, notebooks, and documents which she collected, create a fascinating story of an odyssey from the Pennsylvania Dutch village of Powder Valley to the Gold Rush mines of old California. Her book gives an unforgettable glimpse into the daily lives, struggles for survival, and dreams of American pioneers.