Our 41st Year
Our 41st Year

I Am Change

ISBN: 1945224002 | 978-1945224003
130 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches

I Am Change, a book of prose and poetry by David Best, is a pleasure to read. It combines warm, personal experiences and compelling true life drama with spiritual guidance toward acceptance of everything that this universe has to offer us, without labeling it as bad or good. Its tone is welcoming and charismatic.

It has a quality of modesty which encourages the reader to consider the ideas presented by someone who does not exalt himself but simply and eloquently tells what he has experienced and learned. The author’s poetry has a bright, captivating quality, and yet at the same time it expresses some powerful truths about birth, life, death and the essential nature of all three as forms of change. The way the poetry is interspersed with the prose of I Am Change is illuminating. The two different forms of communication enhance and intensify each other.