Our 36th Year
Our 36th Year


Our First Garden

ISBN: 978-0-9859290-0-8

Our First Garden is a delightful story about a father and son who start their first home edible garden together. From planning to growing, harvesting to giving thanks, they inspire and encourage us to follow along in their garden footsteps.

For ages 2 to 6.

I'm Off to War, Mother, But I'll Be Back

I’m Off to War, Mother, But I’ll be Back

By: |
ISBN: 0971353816 | 978-0971353817

Several planes were smoking. I saw a plane from one of the groups take a direct hit, and go down. I saw no parachutes. I was trying to make myself as small as possible. My steel helmet was pulled down over most of my face. I couldn’t see much, but I didn’t have to worry about German fighters attacking us in all this flak. I had a flak vest under my seat and my legs were pulled up and tight under my body. This was not the way I intended to spend my birthday!”
—Wayne Whiting – Tail Gunner

Occupation Europe

Occupation Europe

ISBN: 0979885507 | 978-0979885501

In Occupation Europe–Lou Satz tells it like it was during his year of duty with the U.S. Army of Occupation in post-WWII. Satz, a 19-year-old sergeant, was one of the first soldiers in the newly formed Constabulary Corps. This elite corps was thrown into the mass confusion of conquered Europe and assumed responsibility for policing more than 16 million men, women and children in Germany and Austria. They provided security to civilians, hunted black marketers and Nazis, assisted in rebuilding local governments, and provided border security.

Satz reveals the personal side of his experiences, including a chance encounter with the famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal and his efforts to aid displaced persons. Satz also shares the experiences of some of his friends including a battle-hardened soldier who chose to remain in Austria and a young Austrian girl whose family had resisted the Nazis. Rarely has anything been written about this critical time in history. Satz fills in the blanks for us.

Rats: Legally Blind Mice

Rats: Legally Blind Mice

ISBN: 0692304878 | 978-0692304877

Rats: Legally Blind Mice, the latest book from Attorney and Author Erlinda Dominguez, is a biting, extremely sharp legal satire. In this novella, Author Dominguez lays bare the misdeeds of the Trio, or Triumvirate as they prefer to be called, three Rodents who are practicing attorneys in the field of personal injury. In the style of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Ms. Dominguez creates a fantasy world which parodies the realities of life in the Justice System, as the three charlatan attorneys, Mr. Doe, Mr. User and Mr. Mad, later joined by a notorious lady Rat, Judge Bull, struggle to live lifestyles of the rich and famous and fail miserably. Rats is a hilarious but ultimately incisive exposé of the shenanigans carried out by an egotistical, scheming, money-mad and an incompetent threesome of the genus Rattus. The humorous illustrations add to the clever portrayal of a ‘brave new world,’ the world of Rats. Any resemblance to Rats living or dead is purely coincidental.

—Roberta Tennant, M.A.
Falcon Books

Pro Se–On My Own


A horrifying true story of unconscionable conflicts of interest, betrayals, abuses, ineptitude, ultimate fraud and cover-up — when American dream clashed with American greed as played out with impunity in the judicial system. A blockbuster source of truth and awareness for all who care for justice.

— Supporters of the Rule of Law and
Human Rights who read the author’s
manuscript before publication of this book.

The Native Missionary Movement (and You)


Are you one of the 80% of Christians in America that feel like they aren’t doing enough to help the world? If you only knew how easy it was to make a huge impact on thousands of lost souls, these feelings would change.

God is doing a tremendous work to reach the lost world. The great results are mainly due to a new movement in Missions called the Native Missionary Movement. This book focuses on your role in this movement, because without you, it cannot work.

Along the Corridors

ISBN: 0977066908 | 978-0977066902

Along the Corridors is Mary Ellen Baker’s first book. She has been in Nursing for 40 years, the last 20 in management and has seen and participated in numerous changes in the health care field—most of them for the good. A diploma nurse to start with, Mary Ellen received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nursing over a period of ten years while working full time.

Mother, I Come

ISBN: 0976820307 | 9780976820307

Mother, I Come by MaudeEna Headlam, is a touching revelation of Diana, the Princess of Wales.

She was named The Fairy Princess, but the verses reveal it was not easy being a princess caught between the modern and traditional world. The poems are an expression of her vulnerability and her strengths.

The lines are filled with her pain of adjusting to a world of duty. There are words of anger as she deals with betrayals and the hand of fate. But at the end, there’s a sweet tenderness as she thinks of attaining in death what she was denied in life.

Tools of the Writer’s Craft

ISBN: 0972722572 | 978-0972722575

Resources developed during fifteen years as a writing instructor and freelance editor. Sands is a popular member of the Squaw Valley Community of Writer faculty, she teaches each summer at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival and in seminars throughout the West.

Unbundling Your Divorce

Unbundling Your Divorce

ISBN: 096510754X | 978-0965107549

How to Find a Lawyer to Help you Help Yourself

You’ll learn:

  • How to determine if you are a good candidate for unbundling
  • How to divide legal work between you and your lawyer
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes people make when representing themselves in court