Our Fortieth Year
Our Fortieth Year


The Black Rose Murder

The Black Rose Murder

ISBN: 0977266206 | 978-0977266203

The Black Rose Murder by Clay Anderson is the story of Jason Justice, a sophisticated private detective in San Francisco, who is searching for the answers to several exciting mysteries. Will JJ catch the fat man who escaped after embezzling millions of dollars from a city construction project? Did the millionaire playboy rape the party girl or was she lying about the attack? Did the redheaded clown dressed in a black tuxedo really deliver a bomb in a flower bouquet to a federal office? Did the high-powered politician that loves to dress in women’s clothes have his wife killed, so that he could be with his bisexual female lover?

The Rhythm of My Pen

ISBN: 0-0-9773113-0-9

“This is my first published work. I want the reader to see beyond the words and seek out the message that best illuminates their life. Maybe it is just a phrase or word that touches the very essence of your soul. My words may even evoke a spiritual change or put you at a place of precious past times. I write so that the reader can find compassion and a better understanding of treating the human race without reservation…..”

For more information or purchase contact the publisher at mfiesta123@aol.com. Type in Fiesta Flowers “rhythm of my pen” poetry book. Free shipping on orders over $100.

The Gospels & The Gita

ISBN: 978-0-9702639-1-9

Commentaries on the Four Gospels and the Bhagavad Gita by Morten Wellhaven

This book seeks to reveal the unity and truth of two of the world’s greatest scriptures. The Bhagavad Gita guides and informs the East. The four gospels give a light of spirituality in the West.

Now, as faiths and people travel beyond their historical borders, here comes a book that opens up a view to a deeper unity. This book lets the religious East and the religious West look at each other through their commonality instead of their differences.

This book enlightens true faiths without being dogmatic. Through comparisons and examples, it never lets go of the deep spiritual beauty inherent in both. Though it teaches, it gives life to faith and the natural longing of every awakening heart.

Gidi Gidi Boom Boom

gidi gidi boom boom

ISBN: 0977439003 | 978-0977439003

This is the story of the Ploesti raiders, shot down on a mission to Romania. What separates it from other stories is that top turret gunner Bob Johnson became one of a small group of Allied prisoners in Bulgaria. Johnson describes in gripping detail the attack of Messerschmitt fighters that shot down his plane, even including the statement of one of the Bulgarian pilots who shot him down. He recounts life at the hands of his captors and his transfer to the POW camp at Shumen. With little food and limited to one quart of water per day for drinking and hygiene, living in cramped conditions, infested with bugs and lice, denied proper medical care for the sick and wounded, and sleeping on bare concrete, Johnson and his fellow airmen survived. Johnson provides a first hand account of the release and his first taste of freedom, culminating in a train ride through Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Syria, and a plane trip to Egypt.

Most stories would end here, but Johnson tells the rest of the story, of the secret mission to Bulgaria after the prisoners’ release, in search of Bulgarian war criminals who had brutalized some of the American airmen. This isn’t just another war story. Carefully researched, with supporting documentation, it is an inspiring account, part of our American history that is not commonly known, kept secret for many years.

—Jerry W. Whiting, Author,
Don’t Let the Blue Star Turn Gold

No Eraser Needed

No Eraser Needed

By: |
ISBN: 0972788115 | 978-0972788113

No Eraser Needed by authors Ronald and Candace-Lynn Buckley describe a step-by-step process for Mistake Proofing the entire business, including the factory (manufacturing) and the office (backroom), that can be used to create a very efficient error-free organization, able to compete with the best of companies globally. To illustrate this process, the authors draw on their experience and share their real life challenges in describing situations that everyone can relate to, find relevant, interesting and useful. They explore in detail vital topics necessary for developing and executing an effective Mistake Proofing program, such as:

  • Establishing a training program, including a detailed layout of the training methods the authors have used successfully over the years.
  • Understanding process errors, the cost of errors, the levels of Mistake Proofing, and the tools and methods used to Mistake Proof your business.
  • The use of problem-solving tools in eliminating errors from your organization.
  • Driving the process with “Cross-Functional Self-Directed” Teams, to successfully execute your Mistake Proofing program. In these Teams, employees from many different areas of the business work together to eliminate mistakes and errors from the business while at the same time improving their own self-confidence and job satisfaction.
Dragon Grip

Dragon Grip

ISBN: 0980093805 | 978-0980093803

Dragon Grip by Kathy Sheller McCann is a journey into the grip of the Dragon aka Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. In Dragon Grip you get to “live” the Alzheimer’s life. It isn’t glorified, or made pretty, if that could even be possible. It is an actual account taken from Kathy’s personal journal.

Cuba Information Manual

Cuba Information Manual: The Definitive Guide to Legal and Illegal Travel to Cuba

ISBN: 0615266916 | 978-0615266916

If you are even remotely considering traveling to Cuba-legally or illegally-you need this book.

Cuba Information Manual: The Definitive Guide to Legal and Illegal Travel to Cuba is a trailblazing first for Cuba travel guides published in the U.S. It is a daring and unconventional handbook that openly challenges the U.S. trade embargo laws against Cuba offering inside secrets, tips, loopholes, and advice in order to help U.S. citizens travel to a country that has become known as the forbidden fruit in a Caribbean paradise.

Written in a style that is easy to read and seductively informative, this handbook decodes the intimidating and often misinterpreted embargo laws and offers tried-and-true information about how to get there, where to stay, how to get around, changing money, avoiding the Revolutionary police, dangers and annoyances, and navigating the very different laws and social customs that govern the communist country. Included in the manual are maps, an extensive reference section, and engaging color photographs that capture the flavor and character of an enigmatic tropical nation and her people, who are the friendliest and most sociable on the plant.

Who Will Teach the Wisdom

Who Will Teach the Wisdom–Living with the Tribes

ISBN: 0615842755 | 978-0615842752

We sat together, alone with our thoughts. But whereas we were both from Africa, he was of Africa. The abrasions of time inestimable etched his ancient face and his clothes were tattered from use beyond a life intended. He rested his chin on hands contorted from years of toil beneath the unforgiving African sun and his eyes reflected a deep sadness. “The time has come,” he said. “You must go. It is unsafe for you to remain in the village.”

Three Sips of Gin

Three Sips of Gin, An African Adventure

ISBN: 0615455522 | 978-0615455525

Later in the evening and well fortified with ale, Major Walsh would kneel precariously on top of a low table and face everyone in the bar like the impervious conductor of a badly choreographed choir. Then raising both hands above his head, he would give a rousing performance of an extraordinary recital he called The Old Bazaar of Baghdad. This was somewhere between a wail and a chant and must have been learned in some questionable establishment on the banks of the Euphrates during his service in the Middle East. He would then prostrate his upper body on the table with his bottom in the air and give a loud wail that would have everyone thinking he had done himself a grievous injury. This was the signal for everyone else in the bar to raise their hands and join in the chant….“Yes, Dad! No, Dad! Three bags full, Dad!”

“I became terribly bored. I wasn’t even allowed to make myself tea.
There was a servant to make it, another to serve it.”
“What did you do?”
“I started drinking my husband’s gin.”

The Cemetery Beneath the Golden Dome

The Cemetery Beneath the Golden Dome

ISBN: 061589853X | 978-0615898537

The history of Cedar Grove and the folks who are at rest there have almost a blank page in history. We hope you will find enlightenment about this historical landmark, and certainly gain a knowledge of Notre Dame’s place in the public thoughts, and her alumni’s future.

Jim Gillis was introduced by his father to Notre Dame at the age of seven via a football game in the Los Angeles Coliseum. From that day until this day the love affair has continued. It never faltered through the years. It only grew.