Our 36th Year
Our 36th Year


The Dragon’s Claw

The Dragon’s Claw has fastened its sharp talons into the heart of the Galaxy, and the men and women of the young Star Trek Generation are on their greatest quest: to liberate Earth from slavery…to free their family, their friends and their lovers from the captivity of a cruel Master…and to experience the romantic passions of first love. Daniel Surak Marcus, son of David Marcus and Saavik, is seventeen and a Cadet at the Academy when he encounters Natasha Chekov, an exquisite young girl who was betrothed to him when they were both thirteen, according to Vulcan custom. But their passionate love is threatened by Mantro, the powerful and sensual Cyrthian warrior, whose lust for Galactic domination is exceeded only by his desire to possess Natasha.

Daniel is joined in his struggle to save his beloved and to liberate Earth by his friends at the Academy, Rashid Kengi, a brilliant twenty-year-old medical student and interplanetary Don Juan; Kim Sulu, who at age fourteen combines martial arts expertise with a fondness for computers, and Rashid’s lovely twin sister, Malaika, who is training as an officer in Star Fleet.

Together, they must face the power of the Dragon’s Claw. While James Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise Crew carry on the conflict in outer space, the young cadets find allies in their battle for Earth: two Aliens from another Galaxy, a beautiful warrior woman, and a lost desert tribe whose prophecies may hold the answer to the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. For mature readers eighteen and over.

NOTE: The Dragon’s Claw is out of print.

Revenge of the Wind Rider

A Classic Star Trek Fanzine which features the original crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and introduces the characters of Young Star Fleet. The story takes the immortal characters on a voyage that affirms the Star Trek dream: humanism, courage, love, the search for knowledge, and the willingness to understand what is different or alien, without blasting it out of existence. It is an allegory of hope and renewal.

Snow Wolf

ISBN: 0961390107 | 978-0961390105


A horror novel.The New Age has a dark side as old as evil itself. Its name is Morgan Russell, channeler, psychic, and prophet whose power is growing like a snow crystal. Only Sara can stop her…if she can survive, and resist the temptation to join an Inner Circle of unholy love and savage power…a Circle which has already claimed the body and soul of the man she loves…


ISBN: 0961390166 | 978-0961390167


Sphinx takes its characters and the reader on a whirlwind tour of history as it was, and as it might be, if a ruthless and brilliant man went back in time and shaped reality to suit himself. The players in this fantasy include Darrel, the successful young Black lawyer, Shanae, his African-American supermodel fiancee, Bill, the good old boy who goes from wino to politico to human sacrifice on the wheel of time, Heather, the icy blonde prosecuting attorney, whose penchant for domination finds a vent in the New Reality of Los Angeles 2000, where slavery has made a comeback in a big way, and Antoine, the fierce Creole aristocrat, who steals an alien artifact of great power, and uses it to fulfill his lust for control, for wealth, and most of all, for Shanae.

Song for Walking

A collection of poems reprinted in several anthologies.
Includes the following poem:

Museum of Natural History

“The material for this group
was secured
near Eagle Peak, Modoc County,
California.” And here they stand,
hooves nailed firmly to the floor,
white tails motionless,
antlers poised and ready,
living out the long calm days.
Patiently, they scent the deadened wind;
tirelessly, the huge ears lift to catch the rustle
of painted leaves. If now and then
a strange remembrance of living woods
should glitter in some stony marble eye
the visitors do not notice.
They pass in whispers, marveling
how skilled the artist was.

Home Craft Faires

Home Craft Faires

ISBN: 0966617703 | 978-0966617702

Lets us know how to be a success with our first Home Craft show. Arts and Crafts and Home Boutiques are fun, exciting and profitable—if they are well run and organized. In this informative book, the author shares a wealth of information, insight and do’s and don’ts, gleaned from her twenty-five years of holding successful Craft Faires.

The Third Theory

ISBN: 0967657504 | 978-0967657509

Finally! A dynamic challenge to both Biblical Creation and the “Big Bang.”

The core of The Third Theory is the account of Creation according to the Ancient Wisdom taught in the ancient Mystery Schools. It rebuts Science’s long-cherished premise of the Big Bang and contradicts Religion’s concept that some extra-cosmic Supreme Being called “God” personally created the heavens and the earth. More importantly, being free of Religion’s philosophic absurdities and Science’s philosophic prejudices, The Third Theory has complete religious, scientific and philosophic integrity.

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Yo! Joey!

ISBN: 0967921600 | 978-0967921600

Yo! Joey! by Joseph P. Batory is a collection of colorful career highlights from one of America’s most outspoken school superintendents. Joe Batory takes his readers on a whirlwind ride of multiple confrontations and wondrous joys in a book about public education like none other. Hostile taxpayer groups, State governors, corporate America, the news media, the Washington (DC) and Pennsylvania bureaucracies, clerics, Nazis and even Howard Stern…Joe Batory publicly battled all of them during his 15 year run as superintendent of one of Pennsylvania’s largest and most diverse school systems. His narration takes turns being funny, irreverent, angry and tender, and is often didactic. It bares the soul of a leader.

The Miracle of EDSA

The Miracle of EDSA

ISBN: 0970051506 | 978-0970051509

The Miracle of EDSA is a story of a mother’s love, a people’s struggle for freedom, and the many Miracles which took place at a time of both near-civil war and religious devotion. When Leigh Jackson, a beautiful Filipina-American nurse, is told by her sister that the child she thought died at birth is still alive, a grown man, she travels back to the Philippines in search of her son.

Her ex-lover, Dan, comes back into her life, and they rekindle a passionate love affair. Miguel, the fierce guerrilla leader, makes Leigh an unwilling part of his small band, where she nurses the sick, but must also fight for her life in hand-to-hand combat. General Navarro, Leigh’s evil antagonist, causes her and countless others to suffer torture in his infamous dungeons. Virgil, Leigh’s heroic young nephew, who believes that prayer can stop tanks, leads the non-violent resistance to the government. Marci and Paulita are courageous women freedom fighters who prove that not only men can risk death in a great cause.

This powerful tale of miracles great and small is based upon real events that took place during the Filipino people’s uprising against tyranny. As Leigh searches for a second chance at motherhood, and a renewal of the deep love she and Dan had once known, she learns to fight, to survive, and most importantly of all, to believe. The result of her quest is a symbol of peace and redemption in the midst of war.

Breaking News NYPOST.com

August 27, 2002

Corman’s ‘Miracle’ deal

… B-movie legend Roger Corman has landed the rights to “The Miracle of EDSA” (Milrose Publications), Col. William Edwards’ historical (fictional) thriller. Corman will produce the flick under his Concorde/New Horizons banner.

“Miracle of EDSA” is about an American nurse who goes to the Philippines in search of her long-lost son – only to get caught up in a guerilla uprising. Corman is eyeing Sigourney Weaver for the lead, with Francis Doel writing the screenplay.

Faithful To His Call

Faithful to His Call

ISBN: 0970264003 | 978-0970264008

Faithful to His Call by Terry Marr is the story of how a young woman, her husband, and her children came to carry out the purpose that God had for them. Terry Marr felt the presence of God from an early age. She knew that the Lord had a plan for her life, and she strove to be alert to His messages and to be ready when He called. There is a void in the life of many people which school, work, material success, even loved ones and friends do not fill. Through this powerful and frank story of her own Call and her Response, the author presents a way to become spiritually fulfilled, for those who are seeking meaning, and for those who may not yet know how empty their lives have become.

Terry Marr’s relationship with God is an intensely personal and dynamic one. In turn, she has ministered to others in the same loving and personal way. As her husband and pastor, L.C. Marr, Jr. says, “This is a book about the birthing of a relationship with God, about visions and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but mostly it’s about recognizing and appreciating the presence of God.” Not all readers will be able to follow exactly in Terry Marr’s footsteps…each person has his or her own unique gifts and contribution to bring to the world. But every reader will find inspiration and hope in her story, and the courage and incentive to find the way to be Faithful to His Call.