Our 36th Year
Our 36th Year


The Miracle of EDSA

The Miracle of EDSA

ISBN: 0970051506 | 978-0970051509

The Miracle of EDSA is a story of a mother’s love, a people’s struggle for freedom, and the many Miracles which took place at a time of both near-civil war and religious devotion. When Leigh Jackson, a beautiful Filipina-American nurse, is told by her sister that the child she thought died at birth is still alive, a grown man, she travels back to the Philippines in search of her son.

Her ex-lover, Dan, comes back into her life, and they rekindle a passionate love affair. Miguel, the fierce guerrilla leader, makes Leigh an unwilling part of his small band, where she nurses the sick, but must also fight for her life in hand-to-hand combat. General Navarro, Leigh’s evil antagonist, causes her and countless others to suffer torture in his infamous dungeons. Virgil, Leigh’s heroic young nephew, who believes that prayer can stop tanks, leads the non-violent resistance to the government. Marci and Paulita are courageous women freedom fighters who prove that not only men can risk death in a great cause.

This powerful tale of miracles great and small is based upon real events that took place during the Filipino people’s uprising against tyranny. As Leigh searches for a second chance at motherhood, and a renewal of the deep love she and Dan had once known, she learns to fight, to survive, and most importantly of all, to believe. The result of her quest is a symbol of peace and redemption in the midst of war.

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August 27, 2002

Corman’s ‘Miracle’ deal

… B-movie legend Roger Corman has landed the rights to “The Miracle of EDSA” (Milrose Publications), Col. William Edwards’ historical (fictional) thriller. Corman will produce the flick under his Concorde/New Horizons banner.

“Miracle of EDSA” is about an American nurse who goes to the Philippines in search of her long-lost son – only to get caught up in a guerilla uprising. Corman is eyeing Sigourney Weaver for the lead, with Francis Doel writing the screenplay.

Faithful To His Call

Faithful to His Call

ISBN: 0970264003 | 978-0970264008

Faithful to His Call by Terry Marr is the story of how a young woman, her husband, and her children came to carry out the purpose that God had for them. Terry Marr felt the presence of God from an early age. She knew that the Lord had a plan for her life, and she strove to be alert to His messages and to be ready when He called. There is a void in the life of many people which school, work, material success, even loved ones and friends do not fill. Through this powerful and frank story of her own Call and her Response, the author presents a way to become spiritually fulfilled, for those who are seeking meaning, and for those who may not yet know how empty their lives have become.

Terry Marr’s relationship with God is an intensely personal and dynamic one. In turn, she has ministered to others in the same loving and personal way. As her husband and pastor, L.C. Marr, Jr. says, “This is a book about the birthing of a relationship with God, about visions and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but mostly it’s about recognizing and appreciating the presence of God.” Not all readers will be able to follow exactly in Terry Marr’s footsteps…each person has his or her own unique gifts and contribution to bring to the world. But every reader will find inspiration and hope in her story, and the courage and incentive to find the way to be Faithful to His Call.

Knowing God: Recapturing Your Destiny

  • Have you ever wondered why you were created?
  • Do you struggle with sin in your life even though you are a Christian?
  • Has your experience as a Christian been less than that described in the Bible?
  • Does something deep within you cry out for more than what you have found God to be?
  • Is prayer more a responsibility and a burden than it is a joy and privilege in your life?
  • Do you wonder why so many of your prayers seem to go unanswered?
  • Do you want to know and see God?

These and other questions are addressed in this exciting new book by Jeff Shreve, Knowing God: Recapturing Your Destiny. Jeff explains how we were created for the express purpose of walking and talking with God. Taught from the lessons by Israel during the Exodus, Jeff reveals several key tools and methods for jump-starting your fellowship with God. Jeff’s down to earth writing style invites readers from all walks of life to return to the presence of their Creator and learn first-hand what they were created for.

Gold Rush 2000

Gold Rush 2000

ISBN: 0966844734 | 978-0966844733

Gold Rush 2000 by Ed Mitchell, 400 page Adventure Novel with Quality Case Binding. Here’s what they say:

“A great presentation of the character of modern gold hunters. This is as close as you can get without experiencing the discomfort and arduous tasks miners endure to uncover gold in this century.”

Wayne G. Keene, President of Keene Engineering

“Authentic and exciting from page one. Gold Rush 2000 captures the spirit and independence of the modern prospector. This adventure allows the treasure hunter in everyone to experience the chase for the yellow.”

Tom Massie, General Manager/Technical Editor of Gold Prospector Magazine
Halfway to the Moon

Halfway to the Moon

ISBN: 0970238800 | 978-0970238801

Behind the sensible brick facade of an ordinary house in Waco, Texas, two angry teenaged siblings are engaged in a particularly bitter exchange. The situation is commonplace in this household. Even the intensity of rage is ordinary, then…suddenly something is completely out of the ordinary. Something is about to change.

Mother has had enough. Having been a lifetime bumbler, always feeling one step behind the human herd, Ellajean Todd finally does what every mother has at one time or another longed to do. She walks out the door. She has “seized the day.” Her story unfolds, along with her peculiar adventures as she travels toward Idaho, the land of her secret dreams.

Red Clay Tastes Like Chalk

Red Clay Tastes Like Chalk

ISBN: 0970238819 | 978-0970238818

Eight-year-old Cressy is delighted to be spending a summer in the Ozarks. Grandpa’s farm is full of delicious treats, marvelous places to play, and a wonderful neighbor companion, Kevin Gardiel. Then…old Granny Blue begins to tell frightening tales of a ghost that walks along the creek at night, and an evil snake, whose appearance presages tragedy.

Cressy is now homesick, and discovering that things may not always be what they seem. When disaster strikes, the line between right and wrong begins to blur. Truth and lies become tangled and, in the end, may threaten to cast her in a twisted folk legend.

Flash: Lyla Allen, Author of Red Clay Tastes Like Chalk, has been awarded an Honorable Mention for her novel by the national magazine Writer’s Digest Self-Published Books Contest for 2002. Her book was among the top ten of 370 entries in the Self-Published Fiction Category.

Know Woman Know Peace

ISBN: 0967884616 | 978-0967884615

The following article was published by a monthly magazine called The Law. It was printed in London around August 1890:

“Women make up half of any nation. No plan of national significance will move forward unless women are consulted. The potential of a woman, aware of her human essence, is to serve in the progress of her society and is equivalent to that of 100 men.

There are many cases of distinguished women surpassing men solely because of their abilities to reason and their wisdom. Their understanding of society’s meaning and privileges is far greater than men’s.”

No Peace can ever be a lasting Peace in the Middle East without full participation of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women at the negotiating tables.

Don't Build Me a Clock, Just Give Me the Time!

Don’t Build Me a Clock, Just Give Me the Time!

ISBN: 0972746102 | 978-0972746106
Twin Vendetta

Twin Vendetta

ISBN: 0970051514 | 978-0970051516

Colonel William Edwards’ Twin Vendetta is a fast-paced tale that moves from the fall of France in World War II to Allied military operations in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, then to clandestine intelligence activities behind enemy lines in France and Germany. It is the story of a young French/Canadian woman’s insurmountable problems in avenging the strafing death of her twin brother by the German Luftwaffe. And it brings out the secret thoughts of a young American man who has taken up the call-to-arms to salve guilt feelings that have overwhelmed him by his German father’s Nazi activities.

The protagonists complement one another as a “two-man” team of Spitfire fighter pilots in combat against German Messerschmitt fighter planes in support of Allied ground operations. Colonel Edwards highlights some of the most profound fighter and fighter-bomber combat of World War II in the Allied war effort against Hitler’s military forces in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. It is also the story of her bittersweet first love with them both fearing the revelation of their innermost thoughts and identities.

She is finally unmasked during treatment for near-fatal wounds, then learns of his secret life when they travel together to war-time Germany on a critical espionage mission. This novel challenges the author’s story-telling gift from beginning to end, and he is up to the challenge.

The Pocket Anger Manager

The Pocket Anger Manager

ISBN: 0976406705 | 978-0976406709

The Pocket Anger Manager by Gerald B. Chambers includes
A List of Feeling Words, A Not to Do List, An Introduction to States of Change, A Time-out Procedure, and An Anger Log.