Our 35th Year
Our 35th Year


The Absolute Enormous Unity

The Absolute Enormous Unity

ISBN: 0971547300 | 978-0971547308

This is a note about a journey in search of God by a man who believes that natural sciences derived from God’s laws and rules for this Universe are paths leading to God.

This book can also be considered an effort to find any means by which God might reveal Himself as He is.It might also be seen as a crossword puzzle about God, the Universe, and Man, which has been partially filled in with several possibilities. Those who do not agree with this book, do answer the questions in it to help improve the answers to the puzzle.

Love to Bake Pastry Cookbook

Love to Bake Pastry Cookbook

ISBN: 0977373703 | 978-0977373703

Imagine being able to bake the world renowned delicacies you see pictured on the front of this pastry cookbook. The secret is out! Finally, Ernest Weil, founder of Fantasia Confections, has written a cookbook in which he shares the secrets of more than 150 of the bakery’s most popular recipes including the Coffee Crunch Cake and Florentine Cookies. For over forty years, San Franciscans were pampered with their mouth watering cakes, pastries, and cookies. Now, you too, the beginner baker as well as the advanced, can pamper and impress your friends and relatives by bringing these recipes to life.

“This cookbook is full of the creations I baked everyday at Fantasia for 12 years, a great education for my future success. As someone who loves fine chocolates and desserts, I am sure this pastry book will delight former Fantasia customers and new connoisseurs. Those who love to bake are lucky that Ernest has published these magnificent recipes. He is one of my mentors, such a talented konditor, and above all a wonderful human being.” Joseph Schmidt (of Joseph Schmidt Confections), San Francisco, 2005.

Fantasia’s pastries were featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, San Mateo Times and San Jose Mercury News, just to name a few. Nationally recognized in Time / Life and Baking Industry Magazines. Their confections were served to foreign dignitaries in China, enjoyed by famous people such as Pope John Paul II and Robin Williams, along with so many others in between.

It's All About Smiles

It’s All About Smiles

ISBN: 0982722028 | 978-0982722022

This book gives compelling reasons and stories on why a beautiful smile can change a person’s life. It is also designed to help anyone who goes to the dentist become more knowledgeable, confident and comfortable in their dental experiences and in their other health choices. In addition, it is a very helpful book for patients in search of a new dentist and provides a model and ideas for dentists who would like to give their patients a superior dental office experience.

Read about inspirational stories and adventures which have ledhim to experience a different existence as a dentist. You will read stories from the humanitarian projects he has been a part of for over 40 years. Dr. Fenderson is the recipient of the San Francisco Bay area Jefferson Award and Crown Council’s Humanitarian of the Year.

Former long time Napa mayor, Ed Henderson, best summed up the book by saying,
“This is a well written big little book. In fact, it’s actually two books in one. The first book describes a warm, kind family dentist who is dedicated to his patient’s wellbeing. The second one tells the story of a man committed to his family and to his fellow man. Thank you, Adrian, for sharing your views. I’m so glad you’re in this world.”



A Young Star Fleet Novella (Fanzine). James Kirk sends his half-Vulcan grandson, Daniel Surak Marcus, on a training mission which turns into a battle for survival. Intended for readers 18 or older.

Hostages to Fortune

On the planet Idris, a ruthless Romulan warlord, Jarak Tal Ziron, holds the people hostage. His prize captive is Marel, Queen of Idris, and once the bride of William Riker. In his thirst to avenge his son’s death, he threatens to destroy his hostages, including Riker and Marel’s young son, unless Riker surrenders hmself for combat to the death. Meanwhile, Riker has been driven to resign from Star Fleet in disgrace, and is near death on the planet Mirage, where only the Listener, Guinan, can help him survive and find the love which he once knew and had believed forever lost.

An ST:NG Novella.

A Joy Proposed

Captain Picard, Beverly Crusher, and the Battle Bridge crew of the Enterprise are trapped in the mysterious Zone of Darkness, where an alien power forces them to act out their fantasies in a terrifying drama of love, power, desire and death. An ST:NG novella.

The Hive

The Hive: one of the very first ST:NG fanzines, published in November 1987, and presented to Jonathan Frakes at his first convention appearance, here in California. An almost identical episode appeared in the Spring. It had of course already been filmed when The Hive was published, so these two versions were conceived independently of each other: welcome to the Twilight Zone!

In this novella, Riker, Data, and Worf are trapped on a dangerous planet ruled by beautiful women. On the Enterprise, Captain Jean-Luc Picard faces a mysterious, deadly illness that strikes down every woman on board, including Dr. Beverly Crusher.

Perchance to Dream

Data’s romantic dreams of Tasha Yar lead him into Q’s realm of powers. In the dark side of a fairy tale world, Data becomes the player and Tasha the prize in Q’s fantasy games, while Q discovers that he may have fallen into his own trap of passion and desire for a mortal woman.

A ST:NG Novella


Deanna Troi meets Rowan, the handsome young king of Zorel, a planet which combines 24th Century technology with a barbaric culture. Educated in Federation schools, Rowan is reluctantly going home to face his duties as King of a warlike people, when he falls in love with Deanna. The evil Goros forces Rowan to abduct Deanna and bring her to Zorel, where she will be compelled to use her empathic powers to help crush a rebellion against tyranny. For readers 18 and older.

A ST:NG Novella

The Dragon’s Claw

The Dragon’s Claw has fastened its sharp talons into the heart of the Galaxy, and the men and women of the young Star Trek Generation are on their greatest quest: to liberate Earth from slavery…to free their family, their friends and their lovers from the captivity of a cruel Master…and to experience the romantic passions of first love. Daniel Surak Marcus, son of David Marcus and Saavik, is seventeen and a Cadet at the Academy when he encounters Natasha Chekov, an exquisite young girl who was betrothed to him when they were both thirteen, according to Vulcan custom. But their passionate love is threatened by Mantro, the powerful and sensual Cyrthian warrior, whose lust for Galactic domination is exceeded only by his desire to possess Natasha.

Daniel is joined in his struggle to save his beloved and to liberate Earth by his friends at the Academy, Rashid Kengi, a brilliant twenty-year-old medical student and interplanetary Don Juan; Kim Sulu, who at age fourteen combines martial arts expertise with a fondness for computers, and Rashid’s lovely twin sister, Malaika, who is training as an officer in Star Fleet.

Together, they must face the power of the Dragon’s Claw. While James Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise Crew carry on the conflict in outer space, the young cadets find allies in their battle for Earth: two Aliens from another Galaxy, a beautiful warrior woman, and a lost desert tribe whose prophecies may hold the answer to the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. For mature readers eighteen and over.

NOTE: The Dragon’s Claw is out of print.