Our 37th Year
Our 37th Year


Bhagavad Gita–A Mystic Scripture

ISBN: 0970263902 | 978-0970263902

In the battle of his life, the prince of this scripture is in the beginning lost and unable to see what is right. He ends up confused with his will and courage all gone.

Then as the battle is about to start, an avatar begins to speak to the prince. In the second chapter, this God-realized avatar begins his lessons by teaching the prince about the soul.

He quietly starts to speak, “My prince, the soul was never born, nor shall it cease to be. There was not a time it did not exist, and no time shall come when it will not remain. It is untouched, unassailed, unharmed and eternal.”

So begins one of the many lessons taught in this ancient scripture. The prince listens and begins to understand the proper path to emancipation and spiritual greatness. And by understanding, the prince lays down an empowering journey for all. His path ends as a guiding light to all those who have longingly felt the homing instinct of the soul.

Having a Home Built? Know Your Ten Commandments!

ISBN: 097022740X | 9780970227409

Ownership is probably the most commonly shared dream of Americans. Home building is a big step, so it’s smart to put a lot of thought, time and planning into the process of building your new home.

What does this mean to you regarding your first home? Will it be your last? This should be a fun-filled and positive experience of a lifetime, not a nightmare!

Having a Home Built? Know Your Ten Commandments! will give you a solid foundation and help step by step. It will establish a clear blueprint and a well thought-out plan before you dig into the unknown. The right information can be an invaluable tool. This book must be kept with you from the start to the completion of your new home.

Whatever your dream may be, a thoughtful analysis of what is most important to your family, lifestyle and budget will help ensure that the experience of buying or having your new home built will be one of the most pleasant experiences of your life.

Conquering the Food Chain

Conquering the Food Chain: Living Amongst Animals (Without Becoming One)

ISBN: 0971657505 | 978-0971657502

Stacy Mantle has been described as “…the Erma Bombeck of animals” by readers of her online column. Witty and insightful, the author leads her readers on a series of adventures based on actual events. The book begins with the arrival of Malachi and Aquilla, two rescued wolf dogs, and progresses through the life of Tristan, a very intelligent coyote, his neurotic sidekick Roscoe (a beagle), and the abrupt arrival of nine indoor house cats.

The result is a hilarious, inspiring and wildly entertaining collection of interconnected stories. This is a comedy, a romance and an adventure novel, all woven together with a philosophical approach to life. It is the life of a woman who has raised wolf hybrids and coyotes in the city, and has been chased by elk in the mountains of Colorado. It is the story of someone who has brought nature into her home and has learned to live in relative harmony with animals of all species even, on occasion, the human species.

Good Morning Sun

Good Morning Sun

ISBN: 0971588406 | 978-0971588400

Good Morning Sun by Jenny Kochersperger is the story of the Sun’s travels around the world. The friendly Sun greets each country to a new morning in the native language of the people, while floating by several fascinating landmarks.

The delightful story with its colorful illustrations teaches children about different cultures, as well as famous places of interest in various countries.

Good Morning Sun is written for children ages 5 to 10.

Around the Majors in Sixty Days

Around the Majors in 60 Days

ISBN: 096589701X | 978-0965897013

A saga of a boy from the Bronx who quite simply loved baseball. Some fifty years later, his passion for the game never waning, he embarked upon a journey that crisscrossed most of America and part of Canada to fulfill his dream…to visit all 28 Major League Baseball stadiums in one season and witness a game in each.

People Farm

People Farm

ISBN: 0972722505 | 978-0972722506

Is Rancho Vista the cradle of unconditional love or a wilderness sex cult? Dr. Cyrus Aaron calls the Ranch his “human relations laboratory.” Is he a courageous advocate for youth or a psychopathic predator?

Dr. Aaron’s young proteges believe he’s their savior, but are horrified by what they do with the power he gives them.

Aaron’s star pupil, Steve, yearns to be like his brilliant mentor. But growing up means becoming himself instead.

Can You Show Me?

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Can You Show Me? by Susan Stempson & Zenobia Husser is an engaging and playful learning experience for your child. “Let’s read the book… It’s so much fun with lots of pictures to see. Come and join in, Little One…Can you show me?”

Quest for Younger Love

Quest for Younger Love

ISBN: 0615348335 | 978-0615348339

What would it be like to leave everything you’ve known behind in search of a new life? What would it be like to travel west when the country was young and trying to rebuild itself after the Civil War? What would it be like to see a town that looked inviting and decide in a matter of minutes that this is where you will settle—not knowing anyone or anything about the town? Could you be this brave and leave all ties behind to seek new adventures?

Well, Jamie Burton was. With his M.D. from Boston University, Dr. Jamie Burton headed west to establish a practice. During a brief stop in a small river town in central Missouri, Jamie saw enough to want to stay. This looked like a place where he could hang out his shingle, make some new friends and, hopefully, find someone to share his life. Would it be the best decision of his life or a huge mistake? In Quest for a Younger Love, as Jamie’s life unfolds, he learns that prescribing medicine is not always the best or only way to help others.

Don't Let the Blue Star Turn Gold

Don’t Let the Blue Star Turn Gold

ISBN: 0971353824 | 978-0971353824

These are true stories of airmen who didn’t return from bombing missions over Europe. To those flying with them, they were simply gone. Many died in fiery crashes, while others became POWs or Evadees. A few were captured and later escaped and a small number were shot in their parachutes or killed after landing. Back at home, the families waited, often not knowing if a loved one survived. The stories are about the struggle to survive, so that blue star proudly hanging in the window at home wouldn’t be replaced by a gold one.

They are accounts of love, duty and courage. Some include information about those who aided the downed airmen. Each is placed in the context of what was happening elsewhere in the world at the time. The author shares background history of how each story came to be, often with surprising revelations. Painstakingly researched, this book is a must read for anyone interested in 20th Century American history, particularly for those interested in WWII.


Nimericks (Narrative Limericks)

ISBN: 0615849016 | 9780615849010

Nimericks (Narrative Limericks) by Laurence Parsons–From the nation of Imagi come these stories to inform, to uplift and to entertain. Laurence Parsons was born September 1, 1942, in Phoenix, Arizona. His father was a sign-and-house painter and his mother a housewife.

Laurence’s boyhood dreams to become an archaeologist fell by the wayside when he, at twelve, became smitten by the magic bug. During his teens he practised sleight-of-hand and, after three years of active duty in the US Army, he became a professional magician in 1964.

He and his German-born wife and assistant, Heidi, performed their magic acts in nightclubs, casinos and TV shows in many countries. Their credits included The London Savoy Hotel, the Casino Monte Carlo, the New Latin Quarter in Tokyo and numerous performances for dignitaries including the ex-King and Queen of Greece and the Shah of Iran (when American/Iranian relations were still good!).

After a divorce in 1982, Laurence continued show business activities as solo magician and also as cruise director with various lines where he was able to put his languages—English, German, French and Italian — to good use.

In 2006 a domestic situation required his physical presence in Starnberg, Bavaria, and he used his free time during the next six years to write the verses he calls nimericks.