Our 36th Year
Our 36th Year


One Woman, Two Countries

One Woman, Two Countries—Vignettes of a Life Fully Lived

ISBN: 0615733921 | 9780615733920

Evangelina Settembrini Lisi is without a doubt the narrating voice of a full and adventurous life, overflowing with deep emotions. Within these passionate, highly autobiographical stories, the author brings to life with her memories a piece of the Italy that “was”, and gives us a glimpse into key moments of Italian history. She paints a fresco with vivid, intense and realistic colors in the style of a Vittorio de Sica film.

Evangelina was born in Puglia, a region in Southern Italy. At the age of twenty, she moved to Trieste, a city in Northern Italy with her newlywed husband, Luigi, and where her son Paolo was born, who has given her four splendid grandchildren: Roman, Paris, Alex and Mason. She received a Master from the University of California, Berkeley, where she also taught. Nowadays she lives between the enchanting San Francisco Bay Area and her magical medieval home on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, in the ascetic region of Umbria, Italy.

Angels In Our Midst

ISBN: 0965688100 | 978-0965688109

Angels and miracles are natural phenomena which inevitably occur in a world that allows for their expression. We can collectively generate such a world through each person’s attention to his/her own inner journey of the spirit.

What Was In Jeremy’s Egg? and Other Stories

ISBN: 0962813222 | 978-0962813221

Once in a while a story comes along which captures the hearts of people everywhere. What Was in Jeremy’s Egg? does just that. This short, simple story has been published internationally, won awards, and has been used countless times as the basis of Easter sermons. The other stories in this collection have the same universal appeal—giving the reader a deep sense of what we are about as human beings.

No More Whiskers in the Sink

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ISBN: 0965875202 | 978-0965875202

A wickedly humorous self-help book for the suddenly single woman …provides a blueprint for rebuilding your life. Authors Henry & Zeno know that divorce is no laughing matter, but they also understand the healing power of humor, and the importance of practical and emotional support in a crisis.

Wayfaring Stranger-Poems

Wayfaring Stranger – Poems

ISBN: 0966676076 | 978-0966676075

A profound collection of verse by Seattle, Washington based poet M. Rose Barkley. Daringly these works touch our vulnerabilities, necessarily revealing them for what they’re worth–good, bad or indifferent–offering universal insight to the reader from one African-American, woman, writer’s perspective. Read it with a friend and let the dialogue begin. Features endorsements by poet Nikki Giovanni.

Everything Men Really Know About Women

ISBN: 0961390158 | 978-0961390150

Author, Ken Debono, in his concise manner, answers the age-old question—‘what do men really know about women?’ After years of observation and research, he shares his thoughts and insights in this comprehensive, easy-to-read study.” So reads the back cover, and, yes, you guessed it, except for four pages, the book is blank. A great gift for that significant other.

Angel Mommy

Angel Mommy

ISBN: 0615116450 | 978-0615116457

Angel Mommy is a moving and compelling account of the nightmarish world of bulimia, one which few people experience firsthand. The author has the courage to allow her readers entrance into this world and the desperate struggle, at times one of life or death, in which she has been engaged for most of her life. A normal, bright and attractive teenager, she gradually slipped into the cycle of binging and purging which became the driving force of her existence, and which threatened not only her life, but the lives of her unborn children. Ultimately, it is the love for her son and daughter which has given her the courage to live, and to write this sensitive and inspiring book, which provides a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Bhagavad Gita–A Mystic Scripture

ISBN: 0970263902 | 978-0970263902

In the battle of his life, the prince of this scripture is in the beginning lost and unable to see what is right. He ends up confused with his will and courage all gone.

Then as the battle is about to start, an avatar begins to speak to the prince. In the second chapter, this God-realized avatar begins his lessons by teaching the prince about the soul.

He quietly starts to speak, “My prince, the soul was never born, nor shall it cease to be. There was not a time it did not exist, and no time shall come when it will not remain. It is untouched, unassailed, unharmed and eternal.”

So begins one of the many lessons taught in this ancient scripture. The prince listens and begins to understand the proper path to emancipation and spiritual greatness. And by understanding, the prince lays down an empowering journey for all. His path ends as a guiding light to all those who have longingly felt the homing instinct of the soul.

Having a Home Built? Know Your Ten Commandments!

ISBN: 097022740X | 9780970227409

Ownership is probably the most commonly shared dream of Americans. Home building is a big step, so it’s smart to put a lot of thought, time and planning into the process of building your new home.

What does this mean to you regarding your first home? Will it be your last? This should be a fun-filled and positive experience of a lifetime, not a nightmare!

Having a Home Built? Know Your Ten Commandments! will give you a solid foundation and help step by step. It will establish a clear blueprint and a well thought-out plan before you dig into the unknown. The right information can be an invaluable tool. This book must be kept with you from the start to the completion of your new home.

Whatever your dream may be, a thoughtful analysis of what is most important to your family, lifestyle and budget will help ensure that the experience of buying or having your new home built will be one of the most pleasant experiences of your life.

Conquering the Food Chain

Conquering the Food Chain: Living Amongst Animals (Without Becoming One)

ISBN: 0971657505 | 978-0971657502

Stacy Mantle has been described as “…the Erma Bombeck of animals” by readers of her online column. Witty and insightful, the author leads her readers on a series of adventures based on actual events. The book begins with the arrival of Malachi and Aquilla, two rescued wolf dogs, and progresses through the life of Tristan, a very intelligent coyote, his neurotic sidekick Roscoe (a beagle), and the abrupt arrival of nine indoor house cats.

The result is a hilarious, inspiring and wildly entertaining collection of interconnected stories. This is a comedy, a romance and an adventure novel, all woven together with a philosophical approach to life. It is the life of a woman who has raised wolf hybrids and coyotes in the city, and has been chased by elk in the mountains of Colorado. It is the story of someone who has brought nature into her home and has learned to live in relative harmony with animals of all species even, on occasion, the human species.