Our Fortieth Year
Our Fortieth Year


Myself Resolved: An Artist Confronts Cancer


In April of 1991, Darcy Lynn was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. As she struggled to stay alive, she drew, painted and wrote her insights into the world of illness and recovery. Here is the story of brash interns and gentle surgeons, of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, diagnoses and misdiagnoses, and ultimately of a coming to terms with her own life and death.

Rotor: A Novel of Destructive Forces

Rotor, A Novel of Destructive Forces

ISBN: 0977784800 | 978-0977784806

Paul Henry is down on his luck. His wife has left him, his work partner wants his job, his car is about to collapse, and his hang glider, Rocinante, his only other possession of importance, is a junk heap of twisted metal and shredded cloth following a poorly-executed launch. Now he is becoming entangled in a battle between a small group of environmental activists and unscrupulous landfill operator Curtis Grubley, who has managed to suborn the local county government and neutralize the environmental protection agencies in his push to locate his new dump on top of environmentally sensitive wetlands.

The battle turns violent, throwing Paul in with activist Millie Farnsworth in the wake of escalating threats on their lives. The danger brings romance and a promise of a shared future.

But before that promise can be fulfilled, they must rid themselves of Grubley and his thugs.

Yosemite Bears and Other Stories

ISBN: 0979142008 | 978-0979142000

Childhood Adventures in a Remarkable Time and Place.

This book is dedicated to all of you who knew and loved the unspoiled beauty of yesterday’s Yosemite and now live with a longing like a deep-seated, unscratchable itch.

Illustrations and book design by Lloyd Kramer, cover painting by Allan E. Kramer

Fugitive Tells All

Fugitive Tells All

ISBN: 0980162203 | 978-0980162202

George had a con to fit everyone. His wife and even his mother were not exempt from his shady dealings. He conned them all. He posed as many different men, using disguises to help him through the tight spots. He was everything ranging from a rabbi to a stockbroker; from a genuine hobo during the Depression, to a Nazi informant during WWII.

In the end, he triumphed with a successful diamond business in San Francisco and was held in high regard by his peers. None of them ever knew any of the many secrets of his past lives living against the law, that is, until now.

Fugitive Tells All is his written confession told by him to Jean Butler, his greatest confidant, during the last years of his life. He felt the truth should be told, and he bared his soul so that he could, at last, find salvation. This incredible and highly-anticipated novel will always be remembered for its true and unforgettable character.

One Woman, Two Countries

One Woman, Two Countries—Vignettes of a Life Fully Lived

ISBN: 0615733921 | 9780615733920

Evangelina Settembrini Lisi is without a doubt the narrating voice of a full and adventurous life, overflowing with deep emotions. Within these passionate, highly autobiographical stories, the author brings to life with her memories a piece of the Italy that “was”, and gives us a glimpse into key moments of Italian history. She paints a fresco with vivid, intense and realistic colors in the style of a Vittorio de Sica film.

Evangelina was born in Puglia, a region in Southern Italy. At the age of twenty, she moved to Trieste, a city in Northern Italy with her newlywed husband, Luigi, and where her son Paolo was born, who has given her four splendid grandchildren: Roman, Paris, Alex and Mason. She received a Master from the University of California, Berkeley, where she also taught. Nowadays she lives between the enchanting San Francisco Bay Area and her magical medieval home on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, in the ascetic region of Umbria, Italy.

Angels In Our Midst

ISBN: 0965688100 | 978-0965688109

Angels and miracles are natural phenomena which inevitably occur in a world that allows for their expression. We can collectively generate such a world through each person’s attention to his/her own inner journey of the spirit.

What Was In Jeremy’s Egg? and Other Stories

ISBN: 0962813222 | 978-0962813221

Once in a while a story comes along which captures the hearts of people everywhere. What Was in Jeremy’s Egg? does just that. This short, simple story has been published internationally, won awards, and has been used countless times as the basis of Easter sermons. The other stories in this collection have the same universal appeal—giving the reader a deep sense of what we are about as human beings.

No More Whiskers in the Sink

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ISBN: 0965875202 | 978-0965875202

A wickedly humorous self-help book for the suddenly single woman …provides a blueprint for rebuilding your life. Authors Henry & Zeno know that divorce is no laughing matter, but they also understand the healing power of humor, and the importance of practical and emotional support in a crisis.

Wayfaring Stranger-Poems

Wayfaring Stranger – Poems

ISBN: 0966676076 | 978-0966676075

A profound collection of verse by Seattle, Washington based poet M. Rose Barkley. Daringly these works touch our vulnerabilities, necessarily revealing them for what they’re worth–good, bad or indifferent–offering universal insight to the reader from one African-American, woman, writer’s perspective. Read it with a friend and let the dialogue begin. Features endorsements by poet Nikki Giovanni.

Everything Men Really Know About Women

ISBN: 0961390158 | 978-0961390150

Author, Ken Debono, in his concise manner, answers the age-old question—‘what do men really know about women?’ After years of observation and research, he shares his thoughts and insights in this comprehensive, easy-to-read study.” So reads the back cover, and, yes, you guessed it, except for four pages, the book is blank. A great gift for that significant other.