Our 36th Year
Our 36th Year


Teaching Algebra To Chickens

Teaching Algebra to Chickens

ISBN: 0615415938 | 978-0615415932

Have you ever stopped to wonder how the universe can go on forever? How once upon a time there was nothingness and yet everything that now exists was somehow created out of that nothingness? Have you ever wondered if there’s a master designer – God, the universe, the Force, or whatever you’d like to call it – that made everything? And if this ultimate being made everything, then who made him?

And then there’s the smaller stuff: How does our brain work? Why are we so different from animals – or are we? Do gender differences really matter? Why is there war? What will happen to humans if we destroy our environment? What happens when we die?

The fact is that life is filled with endless unanswerable questions, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask them. Join author Don Peckham as he ponders those things in life that defy explanation and the things that seem beyond our comprehension. While we think we may know the answers, Don will challenge you to look past those beliefs that you readily accept and question their validity. We may not be able to answer every question that life raises any better than a chicken can learn algebra, but we can open our awareness to a place of wonder and respect for the unanswerable.

Roots & Tendrils

ISBN: 978-0-615-37085-9

Some of Our Prose:

  • A homeless woman sleeps where rattlesnakes live
  • A classics professor plots vengeance on perfidious colleagues
  • An American in Paris solicits a gypsy for a handout
  • A young girl is persuaded that a manure facial will free her of freckles
  • A divorcée has a one-night affair with a lonely foreign man
  • A peeping Tom unwittingly promotes a friendship between two women
  • An essayist offers advice on appreciating butterflies, bats and grackles

Some of Our Poems:

  • “The Write Words”
  • “The Old Lovers”
  • “Hearing with the Lips”
Halloween in Oz--Dorothy Returns

Halloween in Oz–Dorothy Returns

By: |
ISBN: 0979856205 | 978-0979856204

Upon returning, Dorothy finds that heroic tasks again await her — and that in Oz Halloween lasts an entire witch-week of thirteen days! Mysteries abound. Why does she arrive in Gillikin Land, where she has never been before? Where is that evil that her father warned her about? Who is this mysterious boy with purple hair, who seems to be a friend from Kansas in disguise? Old friends like Scarecrow, Tin-man, and Lion — and new friends like the mysterious boy and her Kansas pumpkin magically brought to life — help her and Toto struggle in what becomes a battle to save Oz.

This is the Captain Speaking

ISBN: 0986175005 | 978-0986175008

An easy to use method of strengthening your will power, and achieving your goals.

Let the Captain be your LIFECOACH. He works cheap.

No matter where you are in your life—from a young child—to an elderly person—you can impact your happiness and well-being in a positive way.

If you are happy, prosperous and successful and make the “right” decisions most of the time;and have little or no bad habits; then you probably don’t need to read the book. For the rest of us—read the book!

I Am Change

ISBN: 1945224002 | 978-1945224003

I Am Change, a book of prose and poetry by David Best, is a pleasure to read. It combines warm, personal experiences and compelling true life drama with spiritual guidance toward acceptance of everything that this universe has to offer us, without labeling it as bad or good. Its tone is welcoming and charismatic.

It has a quality of modesty which encourages the reader to consider the ideas presented by someone who does not exalt himself but simply and eloquently tells what he has experienced and learned. The author’s poetry has a bright, captivating quality, and yet at the same time it expresses some powerful truths about birth, life, death and the essential nature of all three as forms of change. The way the poetry is interspersed with the prose of I Am Change is illuminating. The two different forms of communication enhance and intensify each other.

Good-bye Mount Diablo


I’m greeting you from a train
That stops near your foothills.

For many years, I traveled
Around you and your companion
With paints, brushes, and canvas
Admiring the many views
And shapes in light and dark hues
And I liked reading about your legends.
The good times I had hiking
Your woods and meadows
Climbing to your top with a view
No other mountain can match.

Now population growth has
Reached your foothills after
razing extensive walnut groves,
And many huge buildings
Threaten your free stand.
My train is slowly pulling away
As you disappear in
The summer’s haze.
“Good-bye, Mount Diablo!”

Hazard of the Die

ISBN: 0961390115 | 978-0961390112

Prize up a stone and turn it toward the sun,
Name a star and fix it in the sky.
Sift the dormant hours, one by one,
To glean a quickening dreamer drifting by.
Spell a word and tangent echoes ring,
Launch a thought, then track its scandent reach.
Sound a note…its counterpoint will sing,
Strike the flint–its very spark can teach!

Walk with Me through the Internet

ISBN: 0966286502 | 978-0966286502

The author, concerned that his parents were slowly but surely losing ground in their understanding of the present and future, introduces them to the Internet. You too can be a part of the information age. This guide removes the fear and substitutes a workable bridge for people of all ages to meet the future today.

This easy and enlightening guide will show you what the Internet is, how you can get connected to it, and how you can use the Internet to make your life easier and more fun.

How to Avoid the Divorce From Hell

How to Avoid the Divorce from Hell and Dance Together at Your Daughter’s Wedding

ISBN: 0965107507 | 978-0965107501

With humor and sensitivity, M. Sue Talia, a family lawyer and private judge with thirty years of experience, points out common pitfalls and provides useful solutions.

This upbeat and informative guide to divorce covers a broad spectrum, from the basics about support and property to:

  • Why it is worse to have a stupid lawyer on the other side than a good one.
  • Six questions not to ask your prospective lawyer.
  • What happens when your spouse hires the Lawyer from Hell.
  • How to prepare for a custody mediation or evaluation.
  • Visitation games that will make your kids resent you forever.
  • How to evaluate a settlement offer.
  • Common temptations that will cost you 10 Karma points.

Joe and Jude

ISBN: 0-9789312-0-9

The office was small. Nothing extreme, very ordinary. Just a small office with a jumbled desk, three aging chairs, and a wicker trash can. The walls were off-white and the floor concrete. A practical office. A business office. It was mid-afternoon and a thick beam of light shone through the lone window, illuminating the room with a soft glow. I stood for a moment, in the doorway, and watched the dust particles floating aimlessly in the light. One in particular caught my attention as it tarried on the edge before slipping off and disappearing completely into the relative darkness beyond the beam. ‘Ugh, how depressing,’ I thought, as I reached over and flipped on the switch, extinguishing the remaining particles in the barrage of artificial light. And that’s when I saw it. Beneath the window. It had been shielded by the beam, but now, with the overhead lamp blazing, it was clear as anything I’d ever seen…A body. A head. Separated. Decapitated.