Our 36th Year
Our 36th Year


No Guns, No Knives, No Personal Checks

ISBN: 0978575105 | 978-0978575106

Driving a cab has been rated the most dangerous job in the United States, surpassing the risk of being a police officer. At the same time, it is most entertaining. Especially in San Francisco, cab passengers are from diverse and contrasting walks of life: the rich and the poor, the sorry and the psychotic—drug dealers, gang members, French tourists, hookers, derelicts, transvestites, muggers, and even other cab drivers. People sit in the back seat and share predicaments, a snippet of their lives. Sometimes a snippet is too much.

The Rad Lab

The Rad Lab

ISBN: 0615735770 | 978-0615735771

Set in the early seventies to mid-nineties, The Rad Lab is a novel about the rapidly changing environment of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, a generous employer involved in nuclear research and other scientific endeavors. Inspired by the author’s observations and experiences over a thirty-year time span, it is by turns a quirky and soulful account of a diverse collection of characters maneuvering through the minefields of workaday life and romantic pursuits that often take them beyond the Lab’s campus.
The story begins when Sandra Dillon, the flawed protagonist, is cast out of the giant Engineering Department through her own error despite and because of affirmative action policies that are gathering steam at every level and challenging long-held expectations and roles.

Vowing to redeem herself, she is rescued by the manager of security and begins working alongside armed personnel in uniform and business suit going about the serious and interesting business of keeping the institution secure in accordance with Department of Energy regulations. Then one fine spring Saturday morning she shows up for work to discover the unwelcome surprise of her new, well-liked and much-admired boss in the building.

A peek inside the Rad Lab of the sixties would reveal among its 3000 plus employees an all-male, sworn police force protecting it, women office workers in skirts and dresses, IBM Selectric typewriters, telephones with clunky buttons, mainframe computers taking up acres of space, scientists clutching slide rules, and ashtrays as a Stores item. There are no women in management and promotions are done by inside recommendation.

Every employee from the craftsman to the director must undergo the “Q” clearance process in order to continue working there. Joyful when notified by the Badge Office that the clearance has at last been granted, the newly cleared would rush over to trade the red badge for a green one, then abide by the long-held tradition of bringing in donuts the next day for all his or her coworkers.

There is no driving onto the site, and Sierra Lines buses from all over the East Bay are lined up in the West Parking Lot waiting to take the outlyers home. None of that is true today nor will it ever be again.

Sharon Marsh
Twice Upon a Court

Twice Upon a Court

ISBN: 0615359191 | 978-0615359199

Twice Upon a Court by Erlinda Dominguez … a legal thriller that the reader can hardly put down until the finish. It is rare for a non-fiction civil case. The story “must be told” and should not be buried in time. It is deeply inspirational when tenacity is met with insurmountable odds. Events happened to the author noted for her exceptional skills, with countless number of clients who adored her. It is a travesty, but could not have happened to a better person who molded the events into a book–legally informative, but unbelievably easy-reading. The author had transformed a negative into something positive, as a powerful documentary. It is awesome to say the least!

—From D. F. McGarrity, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Healing Room

ISBN: 0971945705 | 978-0971945708

With each day that passes, every hour, every moment, loss threatens our sense of security and immortality. Dori Bohntinsky, a Speech/Language Pathologist seasoned with health care experience, shares her recovery from the tragedy of loss when her fourteen-year old daughter, Cj, suddenly developed a rare form of leukemia. The Healing Room is an odyssey in discovering joy and inspiration during an eighteen-month journey through loss-the four-month illness and death of Cj, the death of Dori’s mother, and the death of Dori’s father.

“I admire your compassion, wisdom and humor, especially your ability to express your feelings and thoughts in such a clear and insightful way…. I wish you the strength, wisdom and love to be able to get through this part of your life. I hope that you can share your wisdom with others since you are such great teachers.”

Children’s Hospital Physician

It is my hope that by writing The Healing Room and sharing our losses and the way I discovered to journal, that others will discover their own ability to journal. I hope others will no longer fear touching their pain, sorrow and grief caused by any loss. I encourage all, regardless of the loss, to discover their own profound and compelling insights and experience the joy that follows when they enter the Healing Room

Lewis and Clark in Lemhi County, Idaho

Lewis and Clark in Lemhi County, Idaho

ISBN: 0974078107 | 9780974078106

See what Lewis and Clark saw in the pages of “Lewis and Clark in Lemhi County, Idaho,” by Richard R. Smith. Every page contains full color photos of scenery, campsites and trails used by the Expedition while spending twenty-four days in Lemhi County. All photos are pristine, showing the land as it was in 1805.

See the land, the birds and the animals that were encountered here. Read the story of Sacajawea`s homeland and the famous “River of No Return.”

Anyone who has attempted to read the numerous books of the Lewis and Clark journals (among others) especially appreciates Richard Smith’s efforts. The English language usage and spelling of that period in history are difficult enough. Moreover, Lewis and Clark each kept journals, sometimes with one discussing events reported to him by the other. It is very difficult, at times, to discern who is describing what!

Finally, trekking this sometimes rugged, mountainous countryside to locate specific geographical sites is a major contribution of this author. His efforts should be of great assistance to casual tourists as well as historical scholars.

Born and raised in Salmon, Idaho, Richard R. Smith then served three years with the US Army, including activation during the Berlin crisis. He returned to Idaho where he received his Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) degrees from the University of Idaho. It was during a freshman US history course that he developed a keen interest in Lewis and Clark; he began collecting books and studying about the Expedition in 1964.

After teaching for twelve years at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho, and then at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, Dick returned to Salmon. In 1977 he began going out and identifying geographical points mentioned in the Lewis and Clark journals. This continued until he had identified and traveled the entire trail in Lemhi County.

As Dick began writing his book in 1999, he re-traveled the Expedition’s trail and collected pictures of each campsite and point of interest. All are accurate as to location, season, and weather conditions experienced by the explorers. The notable exception is Camp Fortunate in Montana, which now lies submerged under the Clark Canyon Reservoir. He recently included existing informational signs in the county. A map is provided to aid the reader in locating all sites. There is also an appendix, which provides additional information, including more about the Lemhi Shoshoni people.

Donna Willoughby

The Face of Pain

ISBN: 0-9743266-0-7

The Face of Pain by Vivian Wilson reveals the heartache and physical pain that she endured from an on-the-job injury, and how this chain of events had a great impact on her life. She also reveals how she was able to find comfort, despite her pain and her daily struggles to survive. In the author’s words, “I believe this book has a powerful message for all those who at some time in their lives have been victimized by their employers, and that message is to never ever give up.”


ISBN: 0974752401 | 9780974752402

A Guide to Records, Rights and Resources for Families of American World War II Casualties–Second Edition–by Ann Bennett Mix—First published in 1996 and representing five years of researching information sources and privileges, Touchstones is a guide to locating records of World War II casualties. Now completely revised and updated it remains an indispensable guide for families or friends who lost a loved one in World War II. Originally written specifically for the sons and daughters of Americans killed or missing, then expanded to include information for all next of kin of American WWII servicemen, the Second Edition not only updates the original material but provides even more resources.

Survivors of persons killed in World War II have certain rights and privileges granted by the U.S. Government, including burial markers, flags, medals and awards, and other provisions. Whether you have a relative who was killed in World War II or not, this book will provide an outstanding array of resources available to help understand the circumstances surrounding a person who died serving our country. The author has spent countless hours doing research about her own father, who was killed in Italy in 1945. Touchstones offers these sources to others who are interested in what records are available today.

Smiling ’Til I Break

ISBN: 0974697907 | 978-0974697901

SMILING ‘TIL I BREAK by Mo Abersheid is a collection of poems that deal with the desperate and darkest hours that we endure. By exploring these dark times, the poems offer the hope of finding the light and they illustrate how this personal exploration can get you through these trials of life and help you move forward.

“This book is autobiographical. Writing these poems has helped me get through some of my darkest hours. It is my desire that these poems will help others cope with similar experiences and offer hope and assurance that the light will come in.”

Mo Abersheid

Mo Abersheid is an award-winning writer living in Southern California. His poetry has been published in several books over the years. He finds his greatest enjoyment through book tours around the world, meeting others and sharing stories.


ISBN: 0974773107 | 978-0974773100

On the surface, WorldCo seems to be an upstanding corporation, headed by the Patriarch, John Charles Whiteworth, the latest in six generations of executives from one family. In reality, the Light Side of WorldCo, headed by the Patriarch’s daughter Martha Whiteworth, a brilliant and beautiful young attorney, is only half of the picture. The Dark Side, guided by the mysterious Binder, conducts a vast criminal enterprise. When Binder is murdered, the Patriarch orders his Dark Side team to find the killers.

But the Patriarch has his own secret sins, and when a blackmailer threatens to expose them, Whiteworth has him executed. Lt. Joe Birdsong, a Native American police lieutenant and head of the Major Crimes division, pursues the killer, and in so doing, unknowingly crosses swords with the Patriarch, a man who is as ruthless as he is powerful. As the secrets that lie behind two murders unfold, lives will be risked, and for some of those who are part of the WorldCo investigation, a terrible but exciting choice will emerge between the Light Side and the Dark.

Top 25 Secrets of Golf

Top 25 Secrets of Golf

ISBN: 0966689321 | 978-0966689327

This little brilliant black book of golf wisdom reveals simple secrets that will help you shoot lower scores. It is a great gift for young, old, good, bad or great golfers. Lower your score by being aware of the Top 25 Secrets of Golf.